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Kurosawa Rei

Who: Vergil and Rei
What: The cursed tattoo, Manor of Sleep, and that's it
Warnings: One swear word from Vergil, that's it. And Rei apologizing a lot

[20:01] thisisntvergil: How do I stop it.
[20:01] Obscura Omen: ...Um, what?
[20:03] thisisntvergil: I had this dream.
[20:03] thisisntvergil: You were in it.
[20:03] Obscura Omen: ...
[20:03] thisisntvergil: I guess it was foolish of me to think anything of it.
[20:03] Obscura Omen: No...it's not.
[20:03] thisisntvergil: For a moment I thought you might remember too.
[20:03] Obscura Omen: You're not going crazy.
[20:03] Obscura Omen: I saw you, too.
[20:03] thisisntvergil: ...
[20:03] thisisntvergil: Fuck.
[20:03] Obscura Omen: D-did--
[20:03] Obscura Omen: ..
[20:04] Obscura Omen: Did she-- did she find you?
[20:04] thisisntvergil: She?
[20:04] thisisntvergil: there are quite a few of them there from my understanding.
[20:04] thisisntvergil: I've been stalked by at least four.
[20:04] Obscura Omen: ...
[20:04] Obscura Omen: The shrine maiden.
[20:05] Obscura Omen: She's covered in a blue tattoo, doesn't have a top, and walks around in hakamas.
[20:05] thisisntvergil: Ah.
[20:05] thisisntvergil: Last night.
[20:05] Obscura Omen: ...You-- you can't have it too.
[20:05] thisisntvergil: She touched my arm.
[20:05] Obscura Omen: You've been cursed by Reika.
[20:05] thisisntvergil: Lovely.
[20:06] thisisntvergil: I imagine that every time I wake now I'll suffer that lovely pain?
[20:06] Obscura Omen: ...Most of the times.
[20:06] Obscura Omen: It's...because of the malice. I...I'm trying.
[20:07] thisisntvergil: I'm not exactly accustomed to things I can't physically harm.
[20:07] Obscura Omen: This is my fault. I brought it here. Now I'll have to find a way to keep her from spreading it more.
[20:07] thisisntvergil: This, thing, whatever it is, it seems to be attacking my soul.
[20:07] thisisntvergil: I don't know HOW to stop it.
[20:07] thisisntvergil: It's unnerving.
[20:07] thisisntvergil: More than I'd like.
[20:07] Obscura Omen: I...know.
[20:07] Obscura Omen: You need to be prepared. They'll start coming to you too.
[20:08] thisisntvergil: What will?
[20:08] Obscura Omen: The spirits. The shadow figures, anyone that gets trapped in that house -- sometimes they follow you.
[20:08] thisisntvergil: I saw a child.
[20:08] Obscura Omen: It's why I always keep this camera with me.
[20:08] Obscura Omen: ...which child? There's quite a few in there and some not so pleasant.
[20:09] thisisntvergil: dressed in red and white.
[20:09] Obscura Omen: The handmaidens...
[20:09] thisisntvergil: And I recalled the singing from your journal entry.
[20:09] Obscura Omen: Stay away from them.
[20:09] thisisntvergil: For a moment I simply thought it was only because I'd read it that it came to mind.
[20:10] Obscura Omen: I...well...
[20:10] Obscura Omen: I've only have so little clues right now, and that's one of them.
[20:10] Obscura Omen: I've wandered all over, and Yuu is in there.
[20:11] thisisntvergil: It seems they lure you with images of the dead.
[20:11] thisisntvergil: Not something I terribly appreciate.
[20:11] thisisntvergil: Nor will I forgive.
[20:11] Obscura Omen: ...It relies on your guilt and grief.
[20:11] Obscura Omen: It's a little hard not to follow him.
[20:12] Obscura Omen: I'm sorry. This is my fault.
[20:12] thisisntvergil: It's using my mother.
[20:12] Obscura Omen: ...
[20:12] thisisntvergil: Don't blame yourself.
[20:12] thisisntvergil: I know you wouldn't intentionally bring this upon us.
[20:12] thisisntvergil: Shooting the messenger does nothing.
[20:12] thisisntvergil: ...
[20:12] Obscura Omen: I realize that, but if I wasn't here, Reika wouldn't have found others.
[20:13] thisisntvergil: I'd better not see my brother in that house.
[20:13] Obscura Omen: ..Mn.
[20:13] Obscura Omen: I don't know him that well.
[20:13] Obscura Omen: I don't want to see anyone in the manor.
[20:13] thisisntvergil: Perhaps I should find a way to tactfully ask
[20:13] thisisntvergil: I don't....talk to him much.
[20:13] thisisntvergil: I have to say, it was somewhat relieving to see someone.
[20:14] Obscura Omen: Heh. That isn't a spirit?
[20:14] thisisntvergil: I have to say that poor woman with her eyes sewn shut definitely makes my skin crawl.
[20:15] Obscura Omen: ...Mn.
[20:15] Obscura Omen: That place has...a history. It's also connected with Reika.
[20:15] thisisntvergil: ...Yamato didn't work.
[20:15] Obscura Omen: Only the Camera Obscura will.
[20:16] thisisntvergil: ....
[20:16] thisisntvergil: Of course.
[20:16] thisisntvergil: I have absolutely no talent with cameras.
[20:16] thisisntvergil: it seems fitting that it would be the only actual weapon against them.
[20:16] Obscura Omen: Or if there is so many of them, all there is running
[20:16] thisisntvergil: I don't run.
[20:16] Obscura Omen: It's unusual, but it picks up any sort of spiritual energy -- negative or harmful.
[20:17] Obscura Omen: I do run. I'm sick of it.
[20:17] thisisntvergil: Perhaps if we simply set this manor aflame?
[20:17] thisisntvergil: there are plenty of candles strewn about.
[20:17] Obscura Omen: Aha, I don't think it works that way. There are too many souls that haven't moved on. They need to be put to rest.
[20:17] Obscura Omen: Especially Reika.
[20:18] thisisntvergil: I'd rather it not become common knowledge that I'm afflicted with this.
[20:18] thisisntvergil: Even if others begin to surface with similiar situations.
[20:18] Obscura Omen: I don't like to share. Don't worry.
[20:19] Obscura Omen: Only Yuri Hyuga and Henry Townsend -- they have...similar situations.
[20:19] Obscura Omen: Besides, telling people your narcoleptic because of a haunted manor doesn't really...sound sane.
[20:19] Obscura Omen: It relies too much on negative feelings.
[20:19] thisisntvergil: I really don't think that would become an issue here.
[20:20] Obscura Omen: I'm not one to share, no matter what.
[20:20] thisisntvergil: ...
[20:20] thisisntvergil: I think I scared my cat.
[20:21] Obscura Omen: Why?
[20:21] thisisntvergil: Last night was rather...violent.
[20:21] Obscura Omen: ...I'm sorry.
[20:21] thisisntvergil: At any rate, he's been following me around for the entirety of the day
[20:21] thisisntvergil: I haven't really...left.
[20:22] Obscura Omen: ...
[20:22] Obscura Omen: Tomoe's daughter...? Is she alright?
[20:22] thisisntvergil: But he seems to know something is wrong.
[20:22] thisisntvergil: Sadly, I haven't seen her in the past few days
[20:22] thisisntvergil: But she's...growing.
[20:22] thisisntvergil: Quickly.
[20:22] Obscura Omen: ...Oh?
[20:23] thisisntvergil: abnormally so
[20:23] Obscura Omen: I'm afraid...I don't like to pry with the Arkhams.
[20:23] Obscura Omen: What?
[20:23] thisisntvergil: I believe that her unusual situation has much to do with it
[20:23] thisisntvergil: she seems to be growing older much faster than a normal baby would
[20:23] thisisntvergil: probably to compensate for the fact that she isn't a normal baby.
[20:24] Obscura Omen: So...tell me she hasn't started crawling?
[20:24] thisisntvergil: She has.
[20:25] Obscura Omen: ...
[20:25] Obscura Omen: Tomoe wasn't really a normal little girl, was she?
[20:25] thisisntvergil: She wasn't.
[20:26] thisisntvergil: But at least she has to a chance to grow up happier now.
[20:26] Obscura Omen: ...I supposed.
[20:26] Obscura Omen: *suppose
[20:26] Obscura Omen: Whenever my tattoo would grow, she would get ill. I guess it's a good thing now, even as it's getting worse, she won't be getting sick again.
[20:27] thisisntvergil: Perhaps it's compensating by making me twice as ill.
[20:27] thisisntvergil: How fortunate.
[20:27] Obscura Omen: ...Ahh...
[20:27] Obscura Omen: I know it sounds crazy, but there might be something out there that's making it grow.
[20:28] thisisntvergil: Or I could just be a whiny tart.
[20:28] thisisntvergil: I'm not used to soul attacks.
[20:28] Obscura Omen: You're not.
[20:28] Obscura Omen: You have every right to, anyway.
[20:29] Obscura Omen: Hyuga-san...he feels it sometimes, too. He got ill as well, when those spirits got out of control.
[20:29] thisisntvergil: Will this happen every night?
[20:29] Obscura Omen: ...Most nights.
[20:29] thisisntvergil: IF so, DO expect me to try and burn that infernal house down at least once.
[20:29] Obscura Omen: ...I'll help you.
[20:30] Obscura Omen: Leave the spirits to me. I can handle most of them. But stay away from the priestess and shrine maiden. And those little handmaidens.
[20:30] thisisntvergil: Perhaps we should attempt to leave trails for one another.
[20:30] thisisntvergil: Maybe, at some point, we'll be able to locate each other that way.
[20:31] Obscura Omen: Hopefully.
[20:31] Obscura Omen: And if I can make it further...to the Chamber of Thorns.
[20:32] thisisntvergil: I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about.
[20:32] thisisntvergil: I'm certain a few more nights of "fun" will fix that.
[20:33] Obscura Omen: It will. I think the shrine maiden is supposed to stay in there, from what I know. Something didn't go according to the ritual, so she has taken it out on others. So now she's a Yurei.
[20:34] thisisntvergil: I'm assuming the ritual took place in a more physical realm?
[20:34] thisisntvergil: and if so, perhaps finding that location would aid us.
[20:34] Obscura Omen: ...It's a bit complicated, but yes.
[20:35] Obscura Omen: The location would be back in my own world, however. Wherever that would be. I think the curse needs to be broken from within.
[20:35] thisisntvergil: I can't imagine that attempting to learn more would hurt.
[20:35] thisisntvergil: Perhaps we should take a short vacation.
[20:35] Obscura Omen: A-ah...to my home, you mean?
[20:36] thisisntvergil: Of course.
[20:36] Obscura Omen: Yuu was a folklorist. He had information.
[20:37] thisisntvergil: Wouldn't that mean returning to your world anyway?
[20:38] Obscura Omen: It was already there. A woman that died in a plane crash was originally from there, before the curse took her completely.
[20:38] thisisntvergil: I'm not following you.
[20:38] thisisntvergil: I mean, you and I, going there physically, wherever that information may be.
[20:38] Obscura Omen: Possibly.
[20:40] Obscura Omen: Is there...anything I can do?
[20:41] thisisntvergil: Other than doing your part perhaps to get us to run into one another within the manor, and keeping me posted to changes, I don't suppose there's anything that can be done.
[20:41] Obscura Omen: Not really, not at the moment, other than watching any shifts or changes around us -- that tends to make it worse sometimes.
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