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Wee!Hotaru's adventures on AIM.

Who: Vergil and Hotaru
What: Consider this a parent checking up on Hotaru? Hotaru picking up on more than she should...
When: Early evening
Warnings: Sugar-infested cuteness and Hotaru's got poor grammar and spelling. You cannot deny the cute.

[19:28] thisisntvergil: Uncle Dante smells, does he?
[19:29] KnowHeavenWell: :o
[19:29] KnowHeavenWell: hiii
[19:29] KnowHeavenWell: he smell funny
[19:29] KnowHeavenWell: adn hes on teh couch
[19:29] thisisntvergil: is he?
[19:29] thisisntvergil: what happened to his house?
[19:30] KnowHeavenWell: :o i dunno lady mama siad he didnt have nywehere to go
[19:30] thisisntvergil: hm...
[19:30] KnowHeavenWell: mama says hes wried and he has to sleep on the cousch
[19:32] thisisntvergil: wried hm?
[19:32] KnowHeavenWell: weeird
[19:33] thisisntvergil: ooooh
[19:33] thisisntvergil: yes, he certainly is
[19:33] KnowHeavenWell: ho w come he look like you papa
[19:33] thisisntvergil: well
[19:33] thisisntvergil: you know Dante is my brother, right?
[19:33] KnowHeavenWell: yeaah mama say so
[19:33] thisisntvergil: well
[19:34] thisisntvergil: sometimes when brothers or sisters are born, they're born almost at the exact same time
[19:34] thisisntvergil: when they're both in their mama's tummy and get bigger there together, sometimes they look a lot alike
[19:34] thisisntvergil: sometimes they even look exactly alike
[19:34] KnowHeavenWell: :o why?
[19:36] thisisntvergil: because they come from the exact same pieces of their mommy and daddy when they're born that way
[19:37] KnowHeavenWell: hm...
[19:39] thisisntvergil: and Uncle Dante smells funny because he doesn't like soap very much
[19:39] KnowHeavenWell: he doesn t get baths?
[19:40] thisisntvergil: only when he's reeeeeally dirty
[19:40] thisisntvergil: though, sometimes that doesn't seem to help much either
[19:40] KnowHeavenWell: but he shuold and and a hair cut his hair is all in his face
[19:40] thisisntvergil: if he gets too stinky I'm sure Mama'll make him sleep outside
[19:41] thisisntvergil: you know, when Papa's hair isn't standing up, it's a lot like Dante's.
[19:41] KnowHeavenWell: i knooooow
[19:41] KnowHeavenWell: mama says she shoot him the head :o
[19:42] thisisntvergil: and your mama is a very intelligent woman.
[19:42] thisisntvergil: but you let her do things like that
[19:42] thisisntvergil: don't do them too
[19:42] KnowHeavenWell: he nice i dunot hurt him
[19:42] thisisntvergil: I'm glad he's being nice
[19:43] thisisntvergil: if he wasn't I'd have to come and say a few not so nice things to him
[19:43] KnowHeavenWell: he make mama act weird
[19:44] thisisntvergil: she acts silly, doesn't she
[19:46] thisisntvergil: that's because she's very fond of Uncle Dante
[19:47] KnowHeavenWell: whast tha t mean/
[19:47] thisisntvergil: it means that she and Dante are very good friends
[19:47] thisisntvergil: and have been very good friends for a while
[19:48] KnowHeavenWell: not kissy?
[19:48] thisisntvergil: not kissy
[19:48] thisisntvergil: Mommy saves her kissies for someone else
[19:48] KnowHeavenWell: ahh k
[19:49] KnowHeavenWell: how come you re quiet?
[19:49] thisisntvergil: I've been sick
[19:53] thisisntvergil: I'm sorry for not coming to see you
[19:53] thisisntvergil: I've missed you lots
[19:53] KnowHeavenWell: i can fix it
[19:54] thisisntvergil: honey, I'm not broken
[19:54] KnowHeavenWell: i wanna fix it
[19:54] KnowHeavenWell: ):
[19:54] thisisntvergil: I know
[19:54] thisisntvergil: I'll be better soon
[19:55] thisisntvergil: and when I am you'll get so sick of me being around so much
[19:55] KnowHeavenWell: nu uh cause youre sad too
[19:56] thisisntvergil: I am
[19:56] thisisntvergil: I miss you lots and lots
[19:56] KnowHeavenWell: i fix it i promise
[19:56] KnowHeavenWell: i make it go away :)
[19:57] thisisntvergil: you're making it go away right now
[19:58] KnowHeavenWell: how?
[19:58] thisisntvergil: my face is making smileys
[19:58] KnowHeavenWell: kay
[20:05] thisisntvergil: hey, if it's alright with Mommy, do you want to take care of Angelo for a little while?
[20:05] KnowHeavenWell: need to ask lady mama
[20:07] KnowHeavenWell: mama say it okay adn erik will be good
[20:08] thisisntvergil: alright
[20:08] thisisntvergil: he's getting lonely
[20:08] thisisntvergil: I don't get to play with him so much while I'm sick
[20:08] thisisntvergil: and I think he misses you
[20:09] KnowHeavenWell: ): i wanna fix it
[20:11] thisisntvergil: I know I know
[20:12] KnowHeavenWell: let me fix it
[20:12] thisisntvergil: I don't think you can fix it all honey.
[20:12] thisisntvergil: but don't think you don't make it better
[20:13] KnowHeavenWell: why?
[20:14] thisisntvergil: because I think this is something papa has to fix on his own
[20:14] KnowHeavenWell: make teh ghosts go away?
[20:15] thisisntvergil: ...
[20:15] thisisntvergil: I'm trying, sweetie.
[20:15] KnowHeavenWell: they re loud
[20:15] thisisntvergil: ...
[20:15] KnowHeavenWell: monster is loud too
[20:15] thisisntvergil: Hotaru, are you having bad dreams?
[20:16] KnowHeavenWell: uh huh lady mama sleeps with me
[20:16] KnowHeavenWell: but no dream monster is still loud
[20:24] thisisntvergil: is that the monster in the closet?
[20:24] KnowHeavenWell: nu uh
[20:24] KnowHeavenWell: dunno where
[20:25] thisisntvergil: you know
[20:25] thisisntvergil: Dante is very good as making monsters go away
[20:25] thisisntvergil: even if he is a bit stinky
[20:26] KnowHeavenWell: make it go away?
[20:26] thisisntvergil: yes
[20:26] thisisntvergil: I'm sure that if you ask him, he'll be glad to help you
[20:27] KnowHeavenWell: :o and mama will shoot hi m in the hed if he says no
[20:27] thisisntvergil: well I think it's better to ask him nicely
[20:27] thisisntvergil: considering it's an important thing to do
[20:27] thisisntvergil: and it might not be easy
[20:27] KnowHeavenWell: i think mosnter too big
[20:28] thisisntvergil: that's alright
[20:28] thisisntvergil: Dante's fought big monsters before
[20:28] thisisntvergil: very big monsters
[20:29] KnowHeavenWell: i dunnno
[20:30] thisisntvergil: trust me
[20:30] thisisntvergil: if anyone can do it he can
[20:30] thisisntvergil: he's the best there is
[20:30] KnowHeavenWell: okay
[20:30] KnowHeavenWell: mama say its bedtiem
[20:30] thisisntvergil: alright
[20:30] thisisntvergil: try and sleep well, little one
[20:31] KnowHeavenWell: ghosts are meean but i fix it i promise
[20:31] *** You have been disconnected. Mon Jun 25 20:31:12 2007.
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