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Who: Sora and Hotaru
What: Some Chuck Norris jokes and then things turn Serious!
When: Timestamped
Warnings: LE CRACK

KnowHeavenWell (11:47:59 PM): Who's Chuck Norris?
brightskyheart (11:49:35 PM): uhhhh... some karate dude?
brightskyheart (11:49:51 PM): he counts to inifinity twice and he can unscramble eggs!
KnowHeavenWell (11:49:44 PM): ...Uhhh
brightskyheart (11:50:21 PM): his tears can cure cancer too
KnowHeavenWell (11:50:29 PM): ...Is this a man or a god?
brightskyheart (11:50:52 PM): it's a man
brightskyheart (11:50:58 PM): but people like cracking jokes about him
KnowHeavenWell (11:51:03 PM): Why?
brightskyheart (11:51:38 PM): I can't say for certain
brightskyheart (11:51:53 PM): but I think he was a really popular movie star somewhere too!
KnowHeavenWell (11:55:33 PM): ...Huh
KnowHeavenWell (11:55:42 PM): I hear Lady-mama mention him
KnowHeavenWell (11:55:51 PM): Something about how he walked into a bar and it exploded?
KnowHeavenWell (11:55:54 PM): Is that true?
brightskyheart (11:56:18 PM): Oh! She was joking.
KnowHeavenWell (11:56:22 PM): ....Oh
KnowHeavenWell (11:56:30 PM): Um...
brightskyheart (11:56:48 PM): He didn't really explode hehe
KnowHeavenWell (11:56:36 PM): I never heard of this man
brightskyheart (11:57:05 PM): I don't really know a lot about him
brightskyheart (11:57:12 PM): but people like to crack jokes about him
KnowHeavenWell (11:57:09 PM): Does this man know...?
KnowHeavenWell (11:57:14 PM): I hope he's not upset about being a joke
brightskyheart (11:57:45 PM): If he knows, I don't think he minds
brightskyheart (11:57:51 PM): they're really silly jokes
KnowHeavenWell (11:58:04 PM): They are! If tears sparred people from cancer that would be nice...
brightskyheart (11:58:58 PM): it would be
KnowHeavenWell (11:58:58 PM): Eee. Then who is Mr. T?
brightskyheart (11:59:27 PM): :O
brightskyheart (11:59:30 PM): I don't know
KnowHeavenWell (11:59:28 PM): Oh, um, is he like Chuck Norris-san?
brightskyheart (12:00:01 AM): I think so
brightskyheart (12:00:08 AM): but chuck norris doesn't read books
brightskyheart (12:00:16 AM): he stares them down until they give him the information he wants
KnowHeavenWell (12:00:01 AM): Oh, dear...
KnowHeavenWell (12:00:04 AM): Poor man
KnowHeavenWell (12:00:34 AM): ....
brightskyheart (12:01:01 AM): he was born in 1940 and since then roundhouse kick related deaths have increased 13,000 percent!
brightskyheart (12:01:27 AM): and there aren't any disabled people, only people who have met Chuck Norris
KnowHeavenWell (12:01:25 AM): Oh, my
KnowHeavenWell (12:02:28 AM): Um...a G-God then?
brightskyheart (12:02:57 AM): o.o I don't think so
KnowHeavenWell (12:03:06 AM): Sounds like one
KnowHeavenWell (12:03:06 AM): I feel bad for laughing at him
brightskyheart (12:05:02 AM): pretend he's laughing with us?
KnowHeavenWell (12:05:13 AM): I hope so...?
brightskyheart (12:05:45 AM): Chuck Norris sold his soul to the devil for his rugged good looks and unparalleled martial arts ability. Shortly after the transaction was finalized, Chuck roundhouse kicked the devil in the face and took his soul back. The devil, who appreciates irony, couldn't stay mad and admitted he should have seen it coming. They now play poker every second Wednesday of the month.
brightskyheart (12:06:03 AM): hehe I like that one xD
brightskyheart (12:06:31 AM): and if you ask him if his real name is Charles, he'll stare at you until you explode D:
brightskyheart (12:06:42 AM): we'd better not do that if we're gonna save the town right?
KnowHeavenWell (12:06:29 AM): Mama says people who tamper with demons are no good
brightskyheart (12:07:09 AM): o.o
brightskyheart (12:07:16 AM): uuuuhhh... that was a joke Hotaru D:
KnowHeavenWell (12:07:31 AM): Okay
brightskyheart (12:08:01 AM): and he sweats snapple
KnowHeavenWell (12:08:36 AM): A-ah...I'm sorry
KnowHeavenWell (12:08:36 AM): Snapple?
KnowHeavenWell (12:09:19 AM): What's snapple?
brightskyheart (12:10:20 AM): It's a drink
brightskyheart (12:10:32 AM): it's juice ^^ It.. doesn't taste that good personally
KnowHeavenWell (12:10:17 AM): Oh, right...
KnowHeavenWell (12:10:33 AM): ...I can't remember some things, it's still fuzzy
brightskyheart (12:11:25 AM): well... I can try to answer some of your questions if you'd like :-)
KnowHeavenWell (12:11:26 AM): Where-- what happened to Veronica-san?
KnowHeavenWell (12:11:34 AM): And Chibiusa
brightskyheart (12:12:03 AM): Oh... well... I haven't heard from her in a really long time
brightskyheart (12:12:22 AM): she went disappeared after you were reborn but I'm sure she's okay!
brightskyheart (12:12:42 AM): Chibiusa went back home
KnowHeavenWell (12:13:07 AM): Oh, okay
KnowHeavenWell (12:13:07 AM): As long as she's okay
KnowHeavenWell (12:13:14 AM): Veronica...I remember running after her
KnowHeavenWell (12:13:20 AM): As if something bad happened...
KnowHeavenWell (12:13:25 AM): Mmm
KnowHeavenWell (12:13:38 AM): Lady-mama doesn't like her that much, so I'm afraid to ask her
brightskyheart (12:14:13 AM): Lady and Veronica don't see eye to eye
brightskyheart (12:14:18 AM): I'm sure she's fine :-)
KnowHeavenWell (12:14:03 AM): Why?
KnowHeavenWell (12:15:25 AM): I hope so. I'm racking my brain, it's important, that's all I know
KnowHeavenWell (12:15:39 AM): Urgh, I think it's bad when you're afraid to appraoch a parent
brightskyheart (12:15:59 AM): I think it has something to do with Nicolai
KnowHeavenWell (12:16:05 AM): Nicolai Conrad?
brightskyheart (12:16:22 AM): Lady can be scary sometimes I'll admit it. o.o
brightskyheart (12:16:27 AM): Yeah, he's missing too
KnowHeavenWell (12:16:11 AM): Oh! He helped me! I remember!
brightskyheart (12:16:35 AM): That's great! ^^
KnowHeavenWell (12:17:27 AM): Oh..
KnowHeavenWell (12:17:27 AM): Lady isn't scary
KnowHeavenWell (12:17:27 AM): I-- yeah, he helped get rid of that monster
KnowHeavenWell (12:17:27 AM): There's people I'm trying to find, they can help me
KnowHeavenWell (12:17:43 AM): Or at least we need to find each other sometime
brightskyheart (12:18:11 AM): If you get on her bad side she can be scary but she's not like that around everybody.
brightskyheart (12:18:39 AM): I could help you. I tried to find those talismans for you... uh... not gonna go there. D:
KnowHeavenWell (12:18:23 AM): I...d-don't think so...
KnowHeavenWell (12:18:41 AM): They have the talismans, actually
KnowHeavenWell (12:18:45 AM): The jewel and the mirror, but I must admit we both wanted them
KnowHeavenWell (12:18:58 AM): She wanted them for the grail, I wanted them to wake up
brightskyheart (12:19:25 AM): Oh... >.>
KnowHeavenWell (12:19:31 AM): It's okay
KnowHeavenWell (12:19:31 AM): I didn't know at the time
KnowHeavenWell (12:19:50 AM): But they-- I need them to come back, you see
KnowHeavenWell (12:19:50 AM): I need to upgrade their powers
brightskyheart (12:20:53 AM): Upgrade? o.o How?
KnowHeavenWell (12:21:35 AM): We upgrade our powers when new enemies surface. All I know is I need to bestow powers
KnowHeavenWell (12:21:35 AM): It's for the rest of the Sailor Senshi
brightskyheart (12:22:13 AM): Sailor Senshi? What the...?
KnowHeavenWell (12:25:34 AM): Um. It's-- we're guardians of our planets. Mine is Saturn, so I am Sailor Saturn
KnowHeavenWell (12:25:34 AM): It's how I left that...giant crater...?
KnowHeavenWell (12:25:34 AM): But I'll share this with my loved ones -- it would be pointless to hide it now
brightskyheart (12:26:57 AM): Oh, okay, I understand now.
KnowHeavenWell (12:27:01 AM): Ahh, good? Um, well, if that answers anything else...
KnowHeavenWell (12:27:05 AM): I know it's confusing
brightskyheart (12:27:49 AM): you protect stuff, what's hard to understand about that? Especially when I do the same thing?
KnowHeavenWell (12:29:06 AM): I don't know....I could-- well, that doesn't matter
brightskyheart (12:29:59 AM): Well... you do what you gotta do then. :-)
KnowHeavenWell (12:31:03 AM): Under certain circumstances. Possibly we shall see again. No, more than likely
KnowHeavenWell (12:31:31 AM): A-ahh! I'm being called to bed, unfortunately.
brightskyheart (12:32:02 AM): Oh, okay! I should go to bed myself soon.
brightskyheart (12:32:07 AM): Night Hotaru! :-)
KnowHeavenWell (12:32:04 AM): Anya-chan appears to be taunting you, too
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