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Who: Hotaru and Sora
What: Talking
Warnings: They're being serious :O

KnowHeavenWell (5:27:06 PM): He's still out...
brightskyheart (5:27:57 PM): Who's still out?
KnowHeavenWell (5:27:25 PM): Vergil-papa
brightskyheart (5:28:20 PM): =\
brightskyheart (5:28:25 PM): I'm sorry Hotaru.
KnowHeavenWell (5:28:09 PM): There's not much happening...I got a bad feeling in my stomach
brightskyheart (5:30:26 PM): It's quiet.
brightskyheart (5:30:29 PM): Too quiet
KnowHeavenWell (5:30:03 PM): Of course it is. Can't anyone feel it?
brightskyheart (5:32:11 PM): I feel it. It feels like there's heartless everywhere but there's none of them here... it's weird...
KnowHeavenWell (5:31:44 PM): Heartless?
brightskyheart (5:34:09 PM): yeah... those little black creatures... you've probably never seen one.
KnowHeavenWell (5:33:40 PM): Not to my knoweldge
KnowHeavenWell (5:33:46 PM): But there is something
KnowHeavenWell (5:33:54 PM): S-spirits?
brightskyheart (5:34:52 PM): the ghosts that people are talking about?
KnowHeavenWell (5:34:34 PM): I don't know it feels like it
brightskyheart (5:36:58 PM): like that weird, sinking feeling in your stomach?
KnowHeavenWell (5:36:24 PM): Yes
KnowHeavenWell (5:36:30 PM): And I can't find others like me
brightskyheart (5:39:33 PM): I'm sure that they're around here somewhere...
brightskyheart (5:39:36 PM): maybe they're just busy.
KnowHeavenWell (5:39:13 PM): They actually wanted to kill me, now that I remember
brightskyheart (5:40:15 PM): o.o And you want to those people again... because?
KnowHeavenWell (5:40:01 PM): I think they were confused. They thought that me being awake would mean a literal end to this world
brightskyheart (5:40:48 PM): you want to find, I meant. D:
brightskyheart (5:41:01 PM): Why would it bring the world to an end?
KnowHeavenWell (5:40:31 PM): Because I have that power to end the world.
brightskyheart (5:41:25 PM): As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that can bring this world to an end is if the Heartless attack this place like they did to Illucia.
KnowHeavenWell (5:41:23 PM): ....Ngh
brightskyheart (5:42:37 PM): ?? Uhhh... sorry... I guess you weren't around when a bunch of the students were turned into Heartless.
KnowHeavenWell (5:42:16 PM): Not exactly
brightskyheart (5:43:24 PM): Not exactly? You were around then? That was well over a year ago now...
KnowHeavenWell (5:42:57 PM): No, I wasn't
brightskyheart (5:43:48 PM): when the Cloud and Leon that I know really well were here. I don't remember seeing you then...
KnowHeavenWell (5:43:20 PM): I don't think I was, I'm sorry
brightskyheart (5:44:16 PM): It's okay, I was just confused that's all. :-)
KnowHeavenWell (5:43:45 PM): It's okay
KnowHeavenWell (5:43:51 PM): I'm sorry, maybe I should clarfity
brightskyheart (5:44:47 PM): That might help. ;-)
KnowHeavenWell (5:44:05 PM): While those two wanted to kill me, I just want other Sailor Senshi here
brightskyheart (5:45:03 PM): those are the people who have powers like yours right?
KnowHeavenWell (5:44:42 PM): Not in the same degree, but blessed with the planets, yes
brightskyheart (5:46:10 PM): Oh, okay.
brightskyheart (5:46:25 PM): So they protect their planets right?
KnowHeavenWell (5:47:12 PM): Yes, of their own. Each of us are divided into two groups (save me, actually). The four inner senshi were given the position of protecting the princess of the moon and their planets. The outer senshi were given the position to protect things outside of the astroid belt, invaders from the outside. I was given the position to bring destruction, if the need rose
brightskyheart (5:49:34 PM): Oh, so if they all ever collected here then that means that something bad is going to happen? Worse than the stuff with that woman?
KnowHeavenWell (5:49:16 PM): If all of us were collected, yes, there would be a figure worse than Mistress 9. But not all of us are here
KnowHeavenWell (5:49:28 PM): I remember Pluto and Neptune, but I'm having a hard time feeling them
KnowHeavenWell (5:51:29 PM): But no matter, they won't be able to rope me back into the war, or they're hesitant to do so
KnowHeavenWell (5:51:57 PM): Arcadia would be my ground to protect. Besides, since I haven't came across the moon princess, I'd have to protect my family first
brightskyheart (5:53:44 PM): Uh-huh, I get that but what happens after this?
KnowHeavenWell (5:54:13 PM): After this negative energy passes?
brightskyheart (5:55:07 PM): yeah...
KnowHeavenWell (5:54:44 PM): I have no idea
KnowHeavenWell (5:54:48 PM): Take it as it comes?
brightskyheart (5:55:43 PM): if this energy passes does that mean that other threats are gonna come...
KnowHeavenWell (5:55:25 PM): More than likely, it is an open gateway to other worlds
brightskyheart (5:56:44 PM): then shouldn't someone go and check those worlds out... don't we already have a gateway to other worlds anyway?
KnowHeavenWell (5:56:44 PM): But that means we would have to do that with thousands of worlds, not hundreds
brightskyheart (6:08:58 PM): Oh god I never thought about that D:
KnowHeavenWell (6:08:36 PM): Um...I'm sure many don't
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