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Who: Lady and Sora
When: After Sora and Hotaru finish speaking in her latest entry
Warnings: Standard protective parent warning. :O

ong for Grace (10:15:08 PM): What are you doing?
brightskyheart (10:15:24 PM): Definitely not what you think I'm going to do.
brightskyheart (10:15:53 PM): Hotaru started talking earlier to me about Sidhe and well... I don't want her to go there alone in case something happens.
Song for Grace (10:16:36 PM): Well, I don't want her to go alone, I'm getting hammered in jobs. I'm just wondering what you kids are doing. That's all.
brightskyheart (10:16:54 PM): She said that she wanted to know what happened in Sidhe when she became Mistress 9
Song for Grace (10:17:10 PM): Was there a reason why...?
brightskyheart (10:17:40 PM): I think it has something to do with this manor of sleep and I think there might be more but she hasn't said anything about that
Song for Grace (10:17:58 PM): Oh, really.
brightskyheart (10:18:12 PM): I believe so.
brightskyheart (10:18:22 PM): So I want to go with her in case something happens in the crater
Song for Grace (10:18:46 PM): Two kids going by a mysterious crater, I wonder how effective that'll be
brightskyheart (10:19:40 PM): I'm not just any kid you know! I'm the keyblade master and yeah, I get beat up sometimes but I can do this Lady.
brightskyheart (10:19:42 PM): I know I can.
Song for Grace (10:20:12 PM): ...Right. You do realize if she comes back with a sratch, you're done for, right?
brightskyheart (10:20:48 PM): DDDD: even if it's because she tripped over a rock or something like that?
Song for Grace (10:21:02 PM): Call me a little paranoid
brightskyheart (10:21:19 PM): Lady, I won't let anything happen to her.
brightskyheart (10:21:22 PM): I promise I won't.
Song for Grace (10:21:24 PM): Be grateful Vergil is out. He'd slice you up
brightskyheart (10:21:28 PM): O_O;;
Song for Grace (10:22:26 PM): I have jobs coming in from Arcadia, someone is posing as a human and luring women and killing them. I can't help but feel a little concerned.
Song for Grace (10:22:47 PM): And she's still too young to go out by her own, so I'm glad someone offered. But don't get kidnapped again, or we're going to have problems
brightskyheart (10:23:39 PM): I didn't plan on it. I've gotten better since the advanced class ended.
brightskyheart (10:24:05 PM): I can use some magic as well to get rid of people who might wanna hurt Hotaru.
brightskyheart (10:24:22 PM): I don't want the people I care about getting hurt.
Song for Grace (10:24:27 PM): Good, but she packs quite a punch herself. She DID make that crater.
brightskyheart (10:24:38 PM): I know, I got caught up in it.
Song for Grace (10:25:00 PM): I have no idea if she can do it again, but still. We'll train her to fight better
brightskyheart (10:25:26 PM): I can help if you want. :-)
Song for Grace (10:25:52 PM): Wait until Vergil wakes up
brightskyheart (10:25:56 PM): O__O
brightskyheart (10:25:59 PM): Let's not talk about that!
brightskyheart (10:26:05 PM): I don't like the thought of being sliced to ribbons
Song for Grace (10:26:06 PM): Oh, yes
Song for Grace (10:26:16 PM): Vergil is her prime father figure
Song for Grace (10:26:28 PM): As much as we butt heads, we mutally agree on what's best for her
brightskyheart (10:26:32 PM): I have honourable intentions
Song for Grace (10:26:50 PM): I know you do. But wait until Vergil wakes up
Song for Grace (10:27:04 PM): I don't do anything without him with Hotaru
brightskyheart (10:27:22 PM): So I'll have to explain this to him as well then.
brightskyheart (10:27:30 PM): I can do that. Or... I'll try rather.
Song for Grace (10:27:53 PM): Ahhh...That'll be interesting
Song for Grace (10:28:08 PM): I swear to god it's already creepy with him and Hotaru
brightskyheart (10:29:26 PM): creepy? How creepy?
Song for Grace (10:29:38 PM): Very. For me and Dante, anyway.
brightskyheart (10:30:02 PM): o.O I don't get it Lady.
Song for Grace (10:30:29 PM): It's a lot to explain and I don't htink I'm in the position to tell you, without Dante.
brightskyheart (10:30:51 PM): Oh, okay. Well... is it okay then?
brightskyheart (10:31:12 PM): I'll ask someone else to come along if that will help. Someone like Sabin maybe?
Song for Grace (10:32:23 PM): You'll be fine, just be careful. I need to get someone to watch Hotaru when I'm hunting as its.
brightskyheart (10:32:53 PM): I will be as for the watching thing... I might blow your house up if I tried to cook anything. D:
Song for Grace (10:33:16 PM): Balthier, likely. Don't worry.
brightskyheart (10:33:24 PM): Okay!
Song for Grace (10:33:39 PM): Mother is busy with the education administration or something
Song for Grace (10:34:00 PM): And I'm not leaving her with Dante when he's having work too
brightskyheart (10:37:55 PM): well Balthier seems really nice to me :-)
Song for Grace (10:38:31 PM): ...Alright. We'll see. Too bad things are too quiet around here
brightskyheart (10:38:49 PM): it's too quiet if you ask me.
brightskyheart (10:39:02 PM): when it gets really quiet around here bad things always happen
Song for Grace (10:39:29 PM): Oh, there will be a conflict, it's just taking a while to process. Don't worry your little head, just try not to disappear or I'm going to have to kill you
brightskyheart (10:39:39 PM): O_O
brightskyheart (10:39:43 PM): I won't!
Song for Grace (10:40:09 PM): Good. I don't think I need to worry about another person disappearing right now
brightskyheart (10:40:41 PM): If I disappear anywhere, I'll let you know because it means I'm gonna go home for a few days. >.>
Song for Grace (10:41:08 PM): Don't tell me, tell my mother
Song for Grace (10:41:16 PM): She likes you as much as she liked Cloud
brightskyheart (10:41:16 PM): Okay :-)
brightskyheart (10:41:36 PM): considering all the help she gave me when I was taking her demonology class I'd hope so.
brightskyheart (10:41:44 PM): I miss Cloud. :-(
Song for Grace (10:42:06 PM): I know.
Song for Grace (10:42:13 PM): I don't. He left Tifa hanging.
brightskyheart (10:43:01 PM): I miss Tifa too... I think she just up and left and didn't say anything to Squall...
brightskyheart (10:43:09 PM): Shouldn't somebody ask about that.
Song for Grace (10:43:19 PM): Tch.
Song for Grace (10:43:34 PM): Nothing lasts forever apparently
brightskyheart (10:43:43 PM): Yeah, Iguess that's true
Song for Grace (10:43:57 PM): Oh, well.
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