Elena (alluring_deceit) wrote in arcadiantelecom,

Who: Elena and Celes
What: Elena's in denial, but still trying to be brave. And failing at it.
When: last night
Warnings: ABSINTHE. Well, not really. I just wanted to type that out. Elena is being snippy though.

Elenas Exodus 04 (9:37:59 PM): I'm worried.
winters champion (9:38:10 PM): Yeah, i think the milk in the fridge has gone bad too, but i haven't wanted to open it.
winters champion (9:41:17 PM): Or are you worried about something else?
winters champion (9:41:39 PM): Say, something of actual import? And not my babbling?
Elenas Exodus 04 (9:42:26 PM): Sorry; I'm...I'm out of it.
winters champion (9:42:34 PM): Don't apologise, i'm just a bit punchy. Lack of sleep.
winters champion (9:42:42 PM): So what's wrong, darling?
Elenas Exodus 04 (9:43:19 PM): I've been smoking like an addict lately.
Elenas Exodus 04 (9:43:27 PM): Like, I can't stop. My nerves are a disaster.
winters champion (9:43:43 PM): That's a rather unfortunate thing. Why all the smoking?
Elenas Exodus 04 (9:46:46 PM): I don't know. My stomach's in knots and I keep feeling like I'm going to hurl. But I'm not...sick
Elenas Exodus 04 (9:47:06 PM): Not like...sick, sick. I'm just...frazzled. I feel like split ends or something.
winters champion (9:47:02 PM): Have you got something on your mind?
winters champion (9:47:05 PM): People?
winters champion (9:47:08 PM): Work?
winters champion (9:47:10 PM): ...
winters champion (9:47:13 PM): More people?
Elenas Exodus 04 (9:47:47 PM): Nah. A chick did set fire to a building yesterday but I was shot long before I saw that shit happen.
winters champion (9:48:11 PM): That's odd..
winters champion (9:48:48 PM): Maybe you should have Vergil take you out for dinner or somewhat. You've not been eating right since you got home, and maybe different company would suit you.
Elenas Exodus 04 (9:51:43 PM): He's not picking up his fucking phone.
winters champion (9:57:46 PM): Does he usually?
Elenas Exodus 04 (9:58:28 PM): -_- Celes, he's not picking up his phone because he doesn't HAVE one.
winters champion (9:58:20 PM): Oh.
winters champion (9:58:27 PM): Then just go over?
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:00:27 PM): I don't want to.
winters champion (10:00:20 PM): Fair.
winters champion (10:00:58 PM): Maybe you should go out drinking with Asellus? Let some of the tension out?
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:01:52 PM): No.
winters champion (10:02:13 PM): Would you like to spar? Bake bread?
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:03:10 PM): Ugh, food. No.
winters champion (10:03:23 PM): Do you think maybe you're coming down with something?
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:04:42 PM): Like...flu something?
winters champion (10:04:47 PM): Maybe. That tends to make a body feel frayed, achey and off kilter.
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:05:26 PM): And smoke an entire pack of cigs in a day?
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:06:01 PM): Celes, I don't smoke. Honestly, I don't. Only when I need to think or my nerves are streched so thin they're about to snap. Or I'm being sociable, and cigars work in those cases.
winters champion (10:06:19 PM): Then hon, you've got some thinking to do about what has you at such ends.
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:07:30 PM): I don't -know- what it is. If I did we wouldn't be having this conversation.
winters champion (10:08:12 PM): All right.
winters champion (10:08:27 PM): Have you checked on your pets?
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:10:00 PM): Tch. What the fuck for?
winters champion (10:10:27 PM): i don't know, i assume you care about them and thus there might be worry involved about their potential well being.
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:11:33 PM): Ugh...I fed the cats yesterday. And the bird, whatever the hell his name is, is doing better. Been trying to get the splint off. Guess he doesn't like it anymore.
winters champion (10:11:32 PM): That likely bodes well.
winters champion (10:11:51 PM): Umm...
winters champion (10:13:15 PM): Your things are fine, work seems to be all right. Aside from nerves and smoking you seem fine...
winters champion (10:13:24 PM): So that leaves people.
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:14:32 PM): There's no one in my life I care to worry about right now. Asellus is fine, you're passing decent, and I'm sure Vergil, whatever he's doing, is peachy king.
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:14:49 PM): peachy...king. That just...doesn't look right. But whatever.
winters champion (10:14:44 PM): i think you might have meant keen.
winters champion (10:15:04 PM): Though i've never met him; perhaps he is the king of peaches.
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:16:02 PM): In the six seconds you did happen to talk to him, did it seem like he liked peaches?
winters champion (10:16:13 PM): i don't know, though i will peg him for liking gin.
winters champion (10:21:21 PM): You've got me at wits end for your troubles though, m'dear. i've no notion.
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:24:12 PM): ...I'm pissed.
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:24:41 PM): I'm smoking because I'm so pissed off I can't function.
winters champion (10:24:40 PM): And why are you pissed?
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:41:34 PM): ...
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:41:54 PM): I need a drink. If I smoke one more cigarette my lungs are going to burst into flames.
winters champion (10:42:23 PM): Let me mix you something, then.
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:46:25 PM): I don't want anything mixed. I want some Tequila.
winters champion (10:46:34 PM): ... i've got some absinthe if you want it.
Elenas Exodus 04 (10:47:09 PM): I'm on my way over.
winters champion (10:47:04 PM): Aces.
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