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Who: Hotaru and Tifa
What: Curious about Sieg and Lady's friend, Hotaru seeks her out for conversation
Warnings: Dear god, no, it's HOTARU

[22:49] Know Heaven Well: Uhhm...s-sorry...
[22:49] *** "xpowersoul" signed on at Sat Aug 04 22:49:38 2007.
[22:49] xpowersoul: Yes?
[22:50] KnowHeavenWell: I spoke to you...last night
[22:50] xpowersoul: Oh. Hotaru...?
[22:51] KnowHeavenWell: A-ah...yeah
[22:51] xpowersoul: How're you doing, Hotaru?
[22:51] KnowHeavenWell: I'm fine, err, just waiting
[22:51] xpowersoul: For?
[22:52] KnowHeavenWell: S-sorry, er for myself to feel tired
[22:52] xpowersoul: Ohhh.
[22:52] xpowersoul: You don't have to apologize, sweetie.
[22:53] KnowHeavenWell: I-I'm not good with strangers. That is...I don't think I remember you, I could be wrong. Apparently my memory is shaky
[22:53] xpowersoul: Oh. Well, you were just a baby when I met you.
[22:54] KnowHeavenWell: Oh, um, I guess -- my body didnt settle
[22:54] xpowersoul: Oh, I see.
[22:55] xpowersoul: Well, how is your family doing?
[22:55] KnowHeavenWell: I think Uncle Dante was restless. Vergil papa should be better, Lady mama was out today
[22:55] xpowersoul: Oh. Are you alone?
[22:56] KnowHeavenWell: No, she's asleep, she hasn't slept in a few days
[22:56] xpowersoul: ...Why not?
[22:57] KnowHeavenWell: I really am not sure...
[22:57] KnowHeavenWell: Sometimes she doesn't sleep, but she doesnt look upset
[22:57] xpowersoul: Oh...
[22:57] xpowersoul: Hmmm...
[22:58] KnowHeavenWell: Do you know her very well? There's a lot of people who do
[22:58] xpowersoul: We were pretty close before I left, but I'm sure there are those who are closer.
[22:58] KnowHeavenWell: Sieg-papa? She always talked about him. I'm sorry if we couldn't meet sooner, when it was better
[22:59] xpowersoul: Sieg is a real sweetheart.
[22:59] xpowersoul: He left?
[22:59] KnowHeavenWell: No, Sieg papa is still here
[22:59] KnowHeavenWell: He says he was finding a new place. I like Sieg papa abit ^^;
[23:00] xpowersoul: Hee. You have a big family.
[23:00] xpowersoul: Yes, Sieg seems like he'd make a good father.
[23:01] KnowHeavenWell: Y-yes ^^; papa got very ill, but they look out for me, and I love them all
[23:02] xpowersoul: He was sick?
[23:02] KnowHeavenWell: Germatoid being removed from his body might have done damage to his mind, so, in a sense, papa is sick
[23:02] xpowersoul: Germatoid...?
[23:03] KnowHeavenWell: Papa was occupied by a daemon as well, I'm sure you heard about my own
[23:03] xpowersoul: Oh, yes.
[23:03] xpowersoul: Well, he's going to get better, I'm sure.
[23:04] KnowHeavenWell: Mm, it might be a while, but I want to stay with my family
[23:04] KnowHeavenWell: Do you know Vergil papa and uncle Dante?
[23:04] xpowersoul: I don't know Vergil, but I know Dante.
[23:04] KnowHeavenWell: A-ahh...boisterous, isn't he?
[23:05] xpowersoul: Hee. You could say that.
[23:07] KnowHeavenWell: H-he's not all that bad. Vergil papa said to me when I was younger he wasn't fond of soup, when I didn't understand they were twins
[23:08] xpowersoul: Hah!
[23:08] xpowersoul: Dante is nice, just has a bit of a temper.
[23:08] KnowHeavenWell: T-temper...?
[23:09] xpowersoul: A bit.
[23:09] xpowersoul: Nothing to worry about.
[23:10] KnowHeavenWell: Uhm, how...does uncle Dante have a temper? Everyone says that about Lady mama, too
[23:11] xpowersoul: Oh, well. I suppose if someone he cares about gets hurt.
[23:11] KnowHeavenWell: Did something happen to his brother?
[23:11] xpowersoul: Not that I know of...
[23:11] xpowersoul: Why?
[23:12] KnowHeavenWell: Oh...He got sick
[23:12] KnowHeavenWell: Unless-- he'd got angry over Lady mama, they're good friends. But I figured his brother would be a concern
[23:13] xpowersoul: Oh, I see.
[23:13] xpowersoul: Dante and Vergil don't get along?
[23:14] KnowHeavenWell: They don't?
[23:14] xpowersoul: Well...
[23:14] xpowersoul: I heard that Dante had a brother that he didn't get along with...
[23:14] xpowersoul: I could be wrong.
[23:14] KnowHeavenWell: ...Oh.
[23:15] KnowHeavenWell: Vergil papa isn't scary at all. I guess perceptions are left to be desired
[23:15] KnowHeavenWell: It makes me feel sorry for him, and someone else I knew and hasn't came back
[23:15] xpowersoul: Who's that?
[23:15] KnowHeavenWell: Her name was Veronica
[23:15] xpowersoul: ...Oh.
[23:16] KnowHeavenWell: Veronica san was really nice to me, she helped me many times, but she hasn't came back yet
[23:16] xpowersoul: Oh, I see.
[23:17] KnowHeavenWell: Maria and Angela, too! People are mean, they don't give others a chance
[23:18] xpowersoul: Ohh, I know, sweetie.
[23:18] xpowersoul: I'm sure you'll love my friend Cloud, if I can convince him to come here.
[23:18] KnowHeavenWell: Cloud?
[23:19] xpowersoul: He's been a best friend of mine since I was little.
[23:19] KnowHeavenWell: Oh...
[23:19] KnowHeavenWell: I hope so
[23:19] KnowHeavenWell: Uhm, for you
[23:20] xpowersoul: Hee.
[23:21] KnowHeavenWell: Y-you should visit Lady mama when she isn't hunting
[23:22] xpowersoul: I really want to!
[23:22] KnowHeavenWell: W-we live out in Skuld?
[23:22] KnowHeavenWell: Uncle Dante is here, too
[23:23] KnowHeavenWell: It might make her feel better
[23:23] xpowersoul: Okay. I'll come visit tomorrow.
[23:23] KnowHeavenWell: I'll l-let her k-know...she's been on nerves ends
[23:24] KnowHeavenWell: The Jabberwocky hunt made people really...weird
[23:24] xpowersoul: ...Jabberwocky?
[23:24] KnowHeavenWell: Arcadia is holding a "Jabberwocky" hunt here soon
[23:24] KnowHeavenWell: The people in the older section are really weird and think spirits might come out, so Lady-mama took jobs down there, she says they're not valid
[23:25] xpowersoul: Oh, I see.
[23:26] KnowHeavenWell: I take it you haven't read Lewis Carroll before
[23:26] xpowersoul: ...I haven't, no.
[23:26] KnowHeavenWell: Goodness, people are deprived of good literature here:
[23:29] xpowersoul: Oh, okay.
[23:29] xpowersoul: I see.
[23:29] KnowHeavenWell: It's completely nonsensical. It's funny to see so many taking this seriously
[23:29] xpowersoul: Is it an actual creature?
[23:30] KnowHeavenWell: I have no idea!
[23:30] KnowHeavenWell: They're looking for the borogove, bandersnatch, and the jabberwocky, so it's more than one
[23:31] xpowersoul: Oh, okay.
[23:31] xpowersoul: It would be sort of funny if they were all just fiction.
[23:31] KnowHeavenWell: I think it's a gag!
[23:31] KnowHeavenWell: Lady mama said she'd take me, I was going to meet Anya-chan, but...
[23:31] xpowersoul: Oh... I'm sorry, sweetie.
[23:32] KnowHeavenWell: N-no...I'd be worried for her
[23:32] xpowersoul: Oh, alright.
[23:32] KnowHeavenWell: Revolution might have broken out, I'm not sure
[23:33] KnowHeavenWell: If it follows the same course as history in my world with the Russian Empire. I hope Veronica san didn't go back home...
[23:33] xpowersoul: Oh, no...
[23:33] KnowHeavenWell: Y-yeah...
[23:34] KnowHeavenWell: A lot of people from Russia here, yes?
[23:48] KnowHeavenWell: O-oh...d-dear...
[23:48] xpowersoul: What is it?
[23:49] KnowHeavenWell: I think she'd be safer with her family. I just...that might mean Veronica san and Conrad san might not come back, too
[23:49] xpowersoul: ...Why wouldn't they?
[23:50] KnowHeavenWell: N-no idea...
[23:50] xpowersoul: I'm sure they'll come back, sweetie.
[23:51] KnowHeavenWell: Y-yes...! It's been a while, for those two
[23:51] xpowersoul: Mhmm!
[23:51] KnowHeavenWell: Do you know them?
[23:52] xpowersoul: I know Nicolai.
[23:53] KnowHeavenWell: He's the one that exorcised me, I remember
[23:53] xpowersoul: Is he?
[23:53] KnowHeavenWell: Y-yes...!
[23:53] xpowersoul: I think Lady mentioned that.
[23:53] KnowHeavenWell: Mistress 9 didn't seem to hold her own agianst him
[23:53] xpowersoul: He's a good person.
[23:53] KnowHeavenWell: He...was scary
[23:54] xpowersoul: Why do you say that?
[23:55] KnowHeavenWell: A-ahh...I remember asking for help, I think he was hinting at the f act that I would be doomed that my confidence didn't stand a chance to regain myself. He was right, really
[23:55] xpowersoul: Oh...
[23:55] KnowHeavenWell: Lady mama said not to be afraid of him, but I couldn't help it
[23:55] xpowersoul: Aww, I understand.
[23:56] xpowersoul: There really is nothing to be afraid of, though.
[23:56] KnowHeavenWell: I-I know...I'm afraid of people
[23:57] xpowersoul: It's alright.
[23:57] xpowersoul: We're all afraid of something.
[23:57] KnowHeavenWell: I don't think I am anymore
[23:58] xpowersoul: Good!
[23:58] KnowHeavenWell: Now that thing is gone
[23:58] xpowersoul: I'm glad.
[23:59] KnowHeavenWell: Yes, when he does come back, I want to thank him and perhaps show I have confidence now. Veronica especially
[23:59] xpowersoul: That's a big step.
[23:59] xpowersoul: It sounds like you've really grown.
[00:00] KnowHeavenWell: ...Not really, just grown too fast. I'm really four months old
[00:00] xpowersoul: Yes, Lady told me you grew quickly.
[00:01] xpowersoul: You must be very smart, then. You're definitely smart for a girl who looks your age, but four months?
[00:01] KnowHeavenWell: I-it's hard to explain
[00:01] xpowersoul: Yes, I'm sure. XD
[00:01] xpowersoul: You don't have to explain.
[00:02] KnowHeavenWell: A-a-hh..I'm glad! Then I would have to explain the crater in Sidhe
[00:02] xpowersoul: Hee.
[00:03] xpowersoul: There's lots of things I don't like to talk about, either, so I understand.
[00:03] KnowHeavenWell: G-g-good! I mortified Vergil papa, it was bad enough
[00:03] xpowersoul: Oh?
[00:03] KnowHeavenWell: I grew too fast f or him ^^;
[00:04] xpowersoul: Oooh, I see.
[00:05] KnowHeavenWell: I will tell Lady-mama. I get the feeling she might be weird around company, but she'll be okay
[00:06] xpowersoul: Okay. I'll be happy to see her.
[00:06] KnowHeavenWell: I hope she will feel th same. Or at least feel better. I've been trying to get Sieg papa, too
[00:06] xpowersoul: Would you like me to help?
[00:07] KnowHeavenWell: Yes! He's a big prude
[00:07] xpowersoul: Haha!
[00:07] KnowHeavenWell: Weeell, Lady-mama loves him, he should come out more
[00:08] xpowersoul: I agree, he should.
[00:08] xpowersoul: And he should be more social, too!
[00:08] KnowHeavenWell: Why is he a stick in the mud?
[00:09] xpowersoul: Hmm... I don't know. I guess some people are just like that.
[00:09] xpowersoul: It's in their nature.
[00:10] KnowHeavenWell: ...He's funny like that
[00:11] xpowersoul: Mhmm.
[00:14] KnowHeavenWell: ...! Oh, s-sorry, I should be getting to bed. I took advantage of her being asleep, I can hear someone restling
[00:14] xpowersoul: Oh, okay! Good night!
[00:15] KnowHeavenWell: Goodnight! I'm sorry if I kept you too long
[00:15] xpowersoul: No, I enjoyed talking to you.
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