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Who: Hotaru and Sora
What: Talking
Warnings: Look at those names? Do you think these two in all their awkward cuteness really need a WARNING? No,I didn't think so.

KnowHeavenWell (7:53:23 PM): i'm so tired...
brightskyheart (7:54:29 PM): Maybe you should go to sleep then?
KnowHeavenWell (7:53:59 PM): After I'm done here. We're going back to school shopping soon
KnowHeavenWell (7:54:12 PM): Did you...I don't think Anya-chan got the chance to talk to you
brightskyheart (7:55:37 PM): No, I didn't know what was happening back at... Russia was it? She didn't really like to talk about her home.
brightskyheart (7:55:56 PM): Aaaaah school! D: I don't wanna go back! It's too soon!
KnowHeavenWell (7:55:32 PM): Her family was removed from power, I hope you know. And yes, school, don't forget
brightskyheart (7:57:03 PM): I read that in your entry. I hope she and her family are okay.
brightskyheart (7:57:26 PM): I'm a keyblade master, not a mathematician!
KnowHeavenWell (7:56:48 PM): And I'm a Sailor Senshi, not an athlete.
KnowHeavenWell (7:56:54 PM): I don't know...
brightskyheart (7:58:08 PM): I just don't like math, or english for that matter.
KnowHeavenWell (7:57:42 PM): I'm scared.
KnowHeavenWell (7:57:49 PM): That's two people going bck to that world
KnowHeavenWell (7:57:52 PM): I hope Veronica san is okay
brightskyheart (7:59:54 PM): I'm sure that Veronica and that Nicolai guy are fine.
KnowHeavenWell (7:59:25 PM): Truth be told, I havent thought about him. I know Veronica a bit better, even if it was for a little while
brightskyheart (8:01:00 PM): I haven't heard from her in a really long time.
brightskyheart (8:01:06 PM): I just hope she comes back soon.
KnowHeavenWell (8:00:24 PM): I'm scared. She said she knew the Romanovs.
KnowHeavenWell (8:01:24 PM): I don't I've slept, even
KnowHeavenWell (8:01:29 PM): It was really hard hearing that.
brightskyheart (8:02:46 PM): Hey, hey, it's okay. Everybody's gonna be fine.
brightskyheart (8:03:09 PM): I know it's hard without them here but let's have some faith in our friends.
KnowHeavenWell (8:02:59 PM): It's not that I had faith, I'm scared they're going to get killed
brightskyheart (8:05:55 PM): I'm scared for them too but we have to stay positive and that they're going to be alright.
KnowHeavenWell (8:05:11 PM):
brightskyheart (8:06:43 PM): What?
KnowHeavenWell (8:06:07 PM): Nothing. I think that bothered Lady
brightskyheart (8:08:05 PM): That Veronica went missing and Ana's in a lot of trouble?
KnowHeavenWell (8:08:13 PM): I suppose, but this means a lot of people from Anya-chan's world left, remember?
brightskyheart (8:09:48 PM): :O! Joachim's gone too then? He was pretty cool. D:
KnowHeavenWell (8:09:16 PM): Yes, and he was Anya-chan's friend
KnowHeavenWell (8:09:24 PM): The man at the door mentioned Rasputin
brightskyheart (8:11:08 PM): Oh.
KnowHeavenWell (8:10:32 PM): O-oh...s-she really like Conrad san...
KnowHeavenWell (8:10:39 PM): That's why she didn't sleep, too
brightskyheart (8:12:28 PM): Lady's worried about Nicolai. He seemed pretty crafty to me, I bet he'll pull through this fine.
KnowHeavenWell (8:11:58 PM): Crafty?
brightskyheart (8:13:02 PM): Clever.
KnowHeavenWell (8:12:21 PM): I...Hope so. This must be bad
brightskyheart (8:15:01 PM): It has to be. =\
KnowHeavenWell (8:14:18 PM): I'm sorry, I should sulk
brightskyheart (8:15:53 PM): No, don't sulk Hotaru, nobody wants that.
KnowHeavenWell (8:15:14 PM): *shouldnt
brightskyheart (8:18:28 PM): You know what?
KnowHeavenWell (8:18:26 PM): ...What?
brightskyheart (8:19:50 PM): I think Ana will find a way to contact us all soon.
KnowHeavenWell (8:19:06 PM): ...I hope so.
brightskyheart (8:21:54 PM): I'm pretty sure she'll do that.
KnowHeavenWell (8:21:35 PM): Anya chan liked computers, and could type leet too well
brightskyheart (8:22:55 PM): That stuff was hard to read but I managed somehow...
KnowHeavenWell (8:22:39 PM): Ahh, I remember that made my head hurt, but she liked to joke around
KnowHeavenWell (8:22:51 PM): Poor Joachim-san
brightskyheart (8:24:00 PM): Man, I hope he comes back soon.
brightskyheart (8:24:13 PM): Speaking of silent people, has anybody heard from Steiner lately?
KnowHeavenWell (8:24:28 PM): ...Steiner? The--
KnowHeavenWell (8:24:29 PM): ...
KnowHeavenWell (8:24:39 PM): Oh. I took his heart. Mn...n-no...
brightskyheart (8:25:52 PM): o.o crap, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to bring that up by accident!
KnowHeavenWell (8:25:22 PM): It's alright
KnowHeavenWell (8:25:25 PM): I still feel guilty for it
brightskyheart (8:40:18 PM): Well... why not talk to him about it? Maybe he'll feel differently. He might forgive and forget. *hides* Don't kill me, I don't mean to bring this stuff up! D:
KnowHeavenWell (8:39:35 PM): It's okay
KnowHeavenWell (8:39:41 PM): Anya chan would tell me the same thing
KnowHeavenWell (8:39:45 PM): She already has
brightskyheart (8:47:48 PM): Well that's good!
brightskyheart (8:49:11 PM): o.O
brightskyheart (8:49:14 PM): Hotaru?
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