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Who: Lady and Vergil. Oh, noes
What: I do believe this is a fight, with hidden subtext of "I want to kill you"
When: Today
Warnings: Lady

[16:10] Song for Grace: What the fuck do you think you're doing to her?
[16:10] thisisntvergil: By "her" I assume you mean Hotaru?
[16:10] thisisntvergil: And here I would have thought you'd be relieved.
[16:10] Song for Grace: Who the hell do you think I mean?
[16:11] Song for Grace: Psychotic fathers aside, that's unfair
[16:11] Song for Grace: Do you know the damage that does?
[16:11] Song for Grace: What is your logic?
[16:11] thisisntvergil: I'm quite aware.
[16:11] thisisntvergil: I simply made her aware of what I am.
[16:11] thisisntvergil: what I'd probably do.
[16:11] thisisntvergil: And how I'm obviously a danger to her.
[16:11] thisisntvergil: I can't imagine you'd disagree.
[16:12] Song for Grace: My father was insane. He left me. He left my mother.
[16:12] thisisntvergil: I don't see what this has to do with your father.
[16:12] Song for Grace: And that left too big of a hole for me.
[16:12] Song for Grace: You're doing the same fucking thing
[16:12] Song for Grace: You up and left her
[16:12] thisisntvergil: Actually, I'm leaving before I can put her in danger.
[16:12] Song for Grace: Oh. Don't even START that
[16:12] thisisntvergil: And as if anything good would come of it, remember?
[16:12] thisisntvergil: I'm the bastard.
[16:13] Song for Grace: What the fuck. I am so tired- YOU cannot protect and shelter people by cutting them off!
[16:13] Song for Grace: Well, OF COURSE you are if you're being a dumb shit and pulling this
[16:13] thisisntvergil: Why do you care?
[16:13] thisisntvergil: In all honesty?
[16:13] Song for Grace: Because I don't want to see her like this!
[16:13] thisisntvergil: then find her a new father.
[16:13] Song for Grace: I picked her up so she couldn't LIVE with that thing
[16:13] thisisntvergil: My brother would be a fantastic candidate
[16:14] thisisntvergil: then you all can live happily ever after.
[16:14] Song for Grace: What are you implying?
[16:14] thisisntvergil: I'm seperating myself.
[16:14] thisisntvergil: Not just from Hotaru.
[16:14] Song for Grace: To protect ehr
[16:14] thisisntvergil: From you.
[16:14] thisisntvergil: From Dante.
[16:14] thisisntvergil: From your mother.
[16:14] Song for Grace: I have news for you.
[16:14] Song for Grace: That don't work out too well
[16:14] Song for Grace: I've seen someone do that, and that exploded in his face
[16:14] thisisntvergil: Well, I'm not him.
[16:14] thisisntvergil: And I'm tired of you comparing me to others.
[16:15] thisisntvergil: And honestly, I'm beyond caring what you think of my actions.
[16:15] thisisntvergil: Apparently they're only good for shoving into my face later.
[16:15] Song for Grace: Oh, really? Since when did you EVER care?
[16:15] thisisntvergil: For your personal fucking amusement.
[16:15] Song for Grace: Touching. I wouldn't have cared, if a little girl wasn't in this position
[16:16] thisisntvergil: That's something you'll learn to deal with.
[16:16] thisisntvergil: I want nothing more of it.
[16:16] Song for Grace: If I wasn't mistaken, you were trying to involve yourself with her since her problems
[16:16] thisisntvergil: Take your pathetic misery elsewhere, if you'd be so kind.
[16:16] thisisntvergil: Of course I was.
[16:16] thisisntvergil: She's powerful, is she not?
[16:16] thisisntvergil: Who knows, I might want to use that later.
[16:16] Song for Grace: Oh, right, so you can repair your ego in the meantime?
[16:17] thisisntvergil: Could be handy with my apparent nonstop stick to evil.
[16:17] Song for Grace: Frankly, even I, of all people, had hopes you wouldn't sink that low
[16:17] thisisntvergil: Ah, yes.
[16:17] thisisntvergil: I could tell.
[16:18] Song for Grace: Sell yourself for power. Yes. I know the theme
[16:18] thisisntvergil: Was this before or after you impaled me?
[16:18] Song for Grace: Whichever. Don't think I wouldn't like to do it again, for her sake
[16:18] thisisntvergil: It wasn't for her sake.
[16:18] thisisntvergil: It wasn't even for Dante's.
[16:18] thisisntvergil: You're a selfish little wench.
[16:18] Song for Grace: Am I? I'm not the one running away
[16:19] thisisntvergil: Use your own pain to settle your mind.
[16:19] Song for Grace: I don't run away, not with my tail between my legs. And I don't go as low as cutting off ties, expecting them to smooth over
[16:19] thisisntvergil: Your constantly running away.
[16:20] Song for Grace: You're hurting her. She's just a child, she has no idea of anything that's happened, if that's all you wanted is someone to see you in a postive life, there you have it
[16:20] thisisntvergil: It's a theme, haven't you noticed?
[16:20] thisisntvergil: there is no positive light.
[16:20] Song for Grace: Oh, yes, it is a theme. You're going to fuck yourself over
[16:20] thisisntvergil: There's what I am, and what I'm not.
[16:20] thisisntvergil: I'm a demon.
[16:21] thisisntvergil: Pretending to be anything else was foolishness on my part.
[16:21] Song for Grace: Except a child doesn't know the difference
[16:21] thisisntvergil: Thank you for bringing that so boldly to my attention.
[16:21] Song for Grace: Oh, really, I was beginning to think otherwise
[16:21] Song for Grace: I'm sure Dante can sympathize with her greatly as of now
[16:21] thisisntvergil: You wanted her to hate me.
[16:22] thisisntvergil: That night you were ready for it.
[16:22] Song for Grace: Tch.
[16:22] thisisntvergil: You want them both to hate me.
[16:22] thisisntvergil: Which is fine.
[16:22] Song for Grace: You just don't get it, do you?
[16:22] thisisntvergil: I understand that the moment I let my guard down I made a mistake.
[16:22] thisisntvergil: One I don't intend to make again.
[16:22] thisisntvergil: You have my brother.
[16:22] thisisntvergil: You have Hotaru.
[16:22] thisisntvergil: Leave me be.
[16:23] Song for Grace: Is that all?
[16:23] Song for Grace: That's really pathetic. I would have expected more from you
[16:23] thisisntvergil: Attempting to goad me won't work this time.
[16:23] Song for Grace: It doesn't matter, that little girl still sees you for a father figure
[16:23] Song for Grace: No, not really, because it's truth
[16:23] thisisntvergil: that was her mistake.
[16:24] thisisntvergil: I'm sure that with enough effort you can make her see the error of her ways.
[16:24] Song for Grace: Children don't make mistakes in idolizing fathers
[16:24] thisisntvergil: Just tell her how much of a bad man I am.
[16:24] thisisntvergil: You're good at that.
[16:24] Song for Grace: Is that all you take me for? All of you? Some spiteful bitch? Not even my mother told me my father was a bad man when he went aloof, I won't do that, too, because that would just ruin her
[16:25] thisisntvergil: I'm incapable.
[16:25] thisisntvergil: Eventually it would lead to ruin.
[16:25] thisisntvergil: And as for being a spiteful bitch?
[16:25] thisisntvergil: Yes, you are.
[16:25] thisisntvergil: The most disgusting kind.
[16:25] thisisntvergil: Eventually you'll rot in your own misery.
[16:26] Song for Grace: Trying to pull pseudo psychology on me won't work this time. I only came to you about Hotaru
[16:26] thisisntvergil: I know about Hotaru.
[16:26] thisisntvergil: She in your hands now.
[16:26] thisisntvergil: Take care of her, and Dante.
[16:27] Song for Grace: Heh. Don't think I won't find you
[16:27] thisisntvergil: I don't care if you do.
[16:27] Song for Grace: I love them both and you keep making it worse
[16:27] thisisntvergil: I won't anymore.
[16:27] Song for Grace: You can think that, you're going to make it worse
[16:27] Song for Grace: And enjoy sinking to that low
[16:28] thisisntvergil: Why?
[16:28] thisisntvergil: Why are you doing this?
[16:28] thisisntvergil: There's no right in this is there?
[16:29] thisisntvergil: I stay and I get attacked, butchered, hated.
[16:29] thisisntvergil: I leave, and it's the same.
[16:29] Song for Grace: Please. You act as if you're being stoned
[16:29] thisisntvergil: Aren't I?
[16:29] Song for Grace: I don't see anyone else doing it, aside from me
[16:29] thisisntvergil: Who better than you?
[16:29] Song for Grace: Me, Arkham's daughter, it shouldn't be enough to bring you this low
[16:30] Song for Grace: And what is so special about me?
[16:30] thisisntvergil: The only one my brother cares for.
[16:30] Song for Grace: Dante is hardly ever here
[16:30] thisisntvergil: It doesn't matter.
[16:30] thisisntvergil: If I'd killed you that night, he wouldn't have hesitated to bring me down.
[16:30] thisisntvergil: If you'd managed to kill me?
[16:30] thisisntvergil: Hell, he might have patted you on the back.
[16:30] thisisntvergil: Your friendship wouldn't have suffered.
[16:31] Song for Grace: Don't be fucking stupid
[16:31] thisisntvergil: Wasn't it you who told me just how much my brother despised me?
[16:31] thisisntvergil: How everything I've done is in vain?
[16:31] Song for Grace: Your quest for power. In vain. Dante doesn't approve of it
[16:31] thisisntvergil: I can't be reformed, remember?
[16:32] Song for Grace: Think of it, how could anyone approach a loved one after that, trying to reform or not
[16:32] thisisntvergil: My FORMER quest.
[16:32] thisisntvergil: A "quest" that hasn't been sought after in years.
[16:32] thisisntvergil: I traded it in the hopes of regaining at least a morsel of the family I had left
[16:32] Song for Grace: Yet you think you'd utilze Hotaru's power in the future
[16:33] Song for Grace: Selling a part of yourself for power, no matter how good, isn't right
[16:33] thisisntvergil: I've sold nothing of myself.
[16:33] thisisntvergil: And I wouldn't sell Hotaru.
[16:33] thisisntvergil: I just....
[16:33] thisisntvergil: I needed her away.
[16:33] Song for Grace: Then WHAT
[16:33] Song for Grace: Is that IT?
[16:33] Song for Grace: Are you blind?! Don't you see what you're doing?!
[16:33] thisisntvergil: I don't know what I'm capable of.
[16:34] thisisntvergil: I don't know if I could be capable of doing those things again.
[16:34] thisisntvergil: But if there's a chance that it could happen I want her as far away as possible.
[16:34] Song for Grace: You know what? I didn't see you as STUPID to do it again. Happy?
[16:34] thisisntvergil: Then why?
[16:34] thisisntvergil: Why that night?
[16:34] thisisntvergil: Why did that happen?
[16:34] Song for Grace: The mess you put Dante through
[16:35] Song for Grace: THe fact you just STOOD THERE
[16:35] thisisntvergil: was years ago.
[16:35] thisisntvergil: And that isn't the only piece of history he and I have.
[16:35] thisisntvergil: And yet you'll sit there one minute and tell me there's hope.
[16:35] thisisntvergil: And another tell me that I should rot in hell.
[16:36] thisisntvergil: Nothing I've done changes the fact that I love my brother.
[16:36] Song for Grace: You weren't the one consoling him after the towe went down
[16:36] thisisntvergil: Being in hell sort of dampers that.
[16:36] thisisntvergil: I belonged there.
[16:37] Song for Grace: Yes, well. I imagine watching someone fall into Hell must make it difficult to talk to the person
[16:37] thisisntvergil: I'm more demon than I'd like
[16:37] Song for Grace: Oh, WAIT, I kind of know that already
[16:37] thisisntvergil: I didn't think he'd ever forgive me.
[16:37] thisisntvergil: I didn't think I had a place.
[16:37] Song for Grace: And expecting everything to smooth over? Wonderful
[16:37] thisisntvergil: I never said that.
[16:37] thisisntvergil: But months of trying, and nothing.
[16:38] Song for Grace: Logic, Vergil. Hasn't it occured to you that you go about it wrong?
[16:38] thisisntvergil: Almost a year of shifting into normality and what do I get?
[16:38] thisisntvergil: Beraded for my past sins.
[16:38] Song for Grace: One person shouldn't bring you down
[16:38] thisisntvergil: It occurs to me all the time.
[16:38] thisisntvergil: But I don't know any different.
[16:38] Song for Grace: I can't wrap my mind around that
[16:38] thisisntvergil: Because, as stupid as it is, I trusted you.
[16:39] thisisntvergil: I almost considered you a friend.
[16:39] Song for Grace: ...
[16:39] Song for Grace: Me?
[16:39] thisisntvergil: Yes.
[16:39] Song for Grace: Why on earth
[16:39] thisisntvergil: Who else do I talk to?
[16:39] thisisntvergil: Why would I go to your apartment simply to drink with you?
[16:39] thisisntvergil: As confusing and infuriating as you are I found myself somewhat fond of talking to you.
[16:40] thisisntvergil: I don't...make friends.
[16:40] thisisntvergil: Even when I was little.
[16:40] thisisntvergil: And when you blatantly started attacking me, for no reason whatsoever, I just got so angry.
[16:41] thisisntvergil: I didn't realize that was still how you felt.
[16:41] thisisntvergil: That it was still how things stood between us.
[16:42] thisisntvergil: I imagined that maybe I really wasn't salvagable.
[16:42] thisisntvergil: After all this time, talking with you, even you could say such things with so much pride and hate.
[16:42] thisisntvergil: I could only imagine what Dante thinks, considering I rarely talk to him at all.
[16:43] Song for Grace: You approach him wrong
[16:43] thisisntvergil: So I've heard.
[16:43] Song for Grace: And quite frankly, I don't have much trust in anyone, aside from Dante.
[16:43] thisisntvergil: Well, it was my mistake for assuming things were different in our case.
[16:43] thisisntvergil: I apologize.
[16:43] Song for Grace: ...
[16:43] thisisntvergil: It won't happen again.
[16:44] Song for Grace: You're fucking crazy
[16:44] thisisntvergil: Yes?
[16:44] Song for Grace: I'm his daughter.
[16:44] Song for Grace: He betrayed you
[16:44] thisisntvergil: He did.
[16:44] Song for Grace: I figured that I'd be a nasty reminder of that
[16:44] thisisntvergil: I think it helps that you're not nearly as grotesque to look at.
[16:44] Song for Grace: ....
[16:44] thisisntvergil: Or creepy.
[16:45] thisisntvergil: That and I never considered Arkham to be human at any rate
[16:45] thisisntvergil: So until I came here my experience with humans was selective.
[16:45] Song for Grace: ...You're part human
[16:45] Song for Grace: This is going to blow up in your face. For god sakes, have some fucking logic
[16:46] Song for Grace: You're going to end up like him, without anything
[16:46] thisisntvergil: I depended for so long on my demon half that I really don't know anything about humans, really.
[16:46] thisisntvergil: Anyway.
[16:46] thisisntvergil: I don't know why you bother with me.
[16:47] Song for Grace: I don't either
[16:47] Song for Grace: I guess there's been a few things that have good influence on me, so thank them. Perhaps I've seen it once, and it was a trainwreck to watch
[16:47] thisisntvergil: I'm just tired of defending myself.
[16:47] thisisntvergil: If I'm not going to outlive that image, tell me now.
[16:48] thisisntvergil: We've had this conversation too many times.
[16:49] Song for Grace: You aren't. Not as long as Dante doesn't pick himself from it. Not as long as things are. I cannot move on from my father, what he did was unforgivable and I will never forgive him. Why you decided to see me as a friend is beyond me, especially like this
[16:50] thisisntvergil: Then consider yourself freed from that particular title.
[16:50] Song for Grace: I didn't even know to begin with
[16:50] thisisntvergil: I didn't imagine it would have mattered either way
[16:51] Song for Grace: I'm not that shallow
[16:51] thisisntvergil: Hn.
[16:52] Song for Grace: Whatever. I don't even know why I'm persisting here.
[16:52] thisisntvergil: Neither do I.
[16:52] thisisntvergil: We can both pretend it's for Hotaru's sake if you'd like.
[16:52] Song for Grace: I can't do that.
[16:52] Song for Grace: I know that pain all too well, I vowed to keep her from it
[16:52] thisisntvergil: I won't even imagine that it's because you're somewhat fond of me.
[16:53] thisisntvergil: She has you.
[16:53] thisisntvergil: And she has Dante.
[16:53] thisisntvergil: And a list of others.
[16:53] thisisntvergil: She'll be fine.
[16:53] Song for Grace: She's very fond of you, too
[16:53] thisisntvergil: I know.
[16:53] Song for Grace: And no matter what, that can't be filled, that void
[16:54] Song for Grace: Walk away from her now, you're going to leave her open, and she'll get so desperate to fill that void by any means through bad choices
[16:54] Song for Grace: She's grown up with us, she's different and stronger than she was
[16:54] thisisntvergil: She's smart enough to avoid that.
[16:54] Song for Grace: Children aren't.
[16:54] thisisntvergil: And honestly.
[16:54] thisisntvergil: Stop it.
[16:54] Song for Grace: No.
[16:54] thisisntvergil: Yes.
[16:54] thisisntvergil: I'm tired of you preaching at me
[16:54] thisisntvergil: what I should do
[16:54] thisisntvergil: what I shouldn't do.
[16:55] thisisntvergil: You're not my mother.
[16:55] thisisntvergil: You're not my friend.
[16:55] Song for Grace: If you weren't making such a stupid choice, I wouldn't
[16:55] Song for Grace: No, of course not. I'm her mother
[16:55] thisisntvergil: Well, it's hardly up to you, now is it?
[16:55] Song for Grace: No, but I'll do anything possible to save anyone from that agony
[16:56] thisisntvergil: Fine. As long as you leave me the hell out of it.
[16:56] Song for Grace: I can't. She wants you
[16:56] thisisntvergil: Save the whales while you're at it.
[16:56] Song for Grace: She cried over it
[16:56] thisisntvergil: She'll move on.
[16:56] Song for Grace: She won't
[16:56] thisisntvergil: It's only been a day.
[16:56] thisisntvergil: Children survive without their parents.
[16:56] thisisntvergil: She still has you.
[16:56] Song for Grace: And she's insisting you'll come abck
[16:57] thisisntvergil: Humans do the silliest things.
[16:57] thisisntvergil: I don't know why you're continuing this.
[16:57] thisisntvergil: Even for her sake
[16:57] Song for Grace: Same position. Three times over.
[16:58] thisisntvergil: You don't want me around her.
[16:58] thisisntvergil: You don't want me influencing her.
[16:58] thisisntvergil: I don't want to influence her.
[16:58] Song for Grace: Too fucking late. She emulates parts of you
[16:58] thisisntvergil: Better me than you, honestly.
[16:58] Song for Grace: I'm really hurt.
[16:58] thisisntvergil: It'd be a shame for her to invite me over then spit about how much of a fuck up I am.
[16:58] thisisntvergil: Though, in her case, it might be cute.
[16:59] Song for Grace: You have a knack for hittng bad nerves
[16:59] thisisntvergil: Maybe she'll inherit that from both of us then.
[16:59] Song for Grace: You don't give her enough credit
[17:01] thisisntvergil: Be sure to tell Dante that I'm up to no good again.
[17:01] Song for Grace: For fuck sakes, knock it off
[17:01] Song for Grace: Stop trying to have a pity party for yourself, get your head out of your ass and listen to yourself
[17:02] thisisntvergil: I'm actually enjoying my pity party.
[17:02] thisisntvergil: I was thinking of summoning a few friends.
[17:02] thisisntvergil: I actually had a gift planned for you but I wasn't sure if you'd appreciate it.
[17:02] Song for Grace: Oh, really
[17:02] Song for Grace: And putting Hotaru in jeporady?
[17:02] thisisntvergil: Yes, but, well, I'd be a waste of effort really.
[17:04] thisisntvergil: I'll ask you one honest question.
[17:04] thisisntvergil: Do you admit that your life with Hotaru and Dante would have been better if I'd never showed up again?
[17:04] thisisntvergil: Or just your life in general?
[17:05] Song for Grace: It wouldn't have made a difference
[17:05] thisisntvergil: Then me leaving shouldn't make one either.
[17:05] thisisntvergil: Less holes in your walls.
[17:05] Song for Grace: No, it does, because of her
[17:05] thisisntvergil: A plus for you.
[17:05] thisisntvergil: I'll have nothing to do with her in the future.
[17:06] thisisntvergil: Simple as that.
[17:06] Song for Grace: I'm torn. Between honestly beating you and dragging your ass over here and making you apologize
[17:06] thisisntvergil: As if you'd be able to do either.
[17:06] thisisntvergil: Lady, don't get me wrong.
[17:06] thisisntvergil: Dante angered or not.
[17:06] thisisntvergil: I won't hesitate to toss you out the window if you show up.
[17:07] thisisntvergil: You're not welcome here.
[17:07] Song for Grace: Like I'd care
[17:07] thisisntvergil: Fine.
[17:07] thisisntvergil: Let's take this a step further.
[17:07] thisisntvergil: You appearing anywhere near my home is an open invitation for me to butcher you.
[17:07] thisisntvergil: I'll even make a public announcement
[17:08] thisisntvergil: that way if there's any doubt it will be known that due to your own recklessness came your demise.
[17:08] thisisntvergil: Then I'll bring Hotaru home, teach her all the homely wonders of tower summoning and dead rising.
[17:08] thisisntvergil: And we'll have ourselves a happy little time when all the demons from hell spill forth onto this plane and devour everything.
[17:08] Song for Grace: Now I know you're not that fucking stupid
[17:09] thisisntvergil: To do the former yes.
[17:09] thisisntvergil: Probably not the latter
[17:09] thisisntvergil: it just sounded colorful
[17:09] thisisntvergil: I don't think that you realize that you narrowly escaped death that night.
[17:10] thisisntvergil: And you would have brought it on yourself.
[17:10] thisisntvergil: Not that anyone would have known or cared.
[17:10] Song for Grace: Wouldn't be the first time
[17:10] thisisntvergil: Maybe that's why all the men in your life keep leaving.
[17:10] thisisntvergil: You push too far.
[17:10] thisisntvergil: And in the wrong way.
[17:11] thisisntvergil: I'd advise you to keep away from the spirits the next time you're looking for company.
[17:11] thisisntvergil: You're quite a bitch.
[17:11] Song for Grace: What else is new?
[17:11] thisisntvergil: Other than the fact that officially every man in your life has left you, nothing.
[17:11] thisisntvergil: Congrats on your consistency
[17:11] thisisntvergil: I'm going to go finish unpacking.
[17:12] Song for Grace: I guess that makes the both of us
[17:12] thisisntvergil: the only one who's ever left me is Dante.
[17:12] Song for Grace: You're just as consistenant
[17:12] Song for Grace: And he WILL come back.
[17:12] thisisntvergil: whether or not he does is no longer my concern.
[17:13] Song for Grace: Yeah, sure, whatever. Keep telling yoiurself that
[17:13] thisisntvergil: Enjoy your evening of self loathing and contempt
[17:13] thisisntvergil: Goodnight, Mary.
[17:13] *** "thisisntvergil" signed off at Wed Oct 03 17:13:52 2007.
[17:26] *** "thisisntvergil" signed on at Wed Oct 03 17:26:04 2007.
[17:26] thisisntvergil: So, she escaped I see.
[17:27] Song for Grace: What did you do/
[17:27] thisisntvergil: I didn't do anything
[17:27] thisisntvergil: I was walking back from the market and she was down the road.
[17:27] Song for Grace: ....
[17:28] thisisntvergil: ...
[17:28] thisisntvergil: I think she might be part bloodhound...
[17:28] thisisntvergil: at any rate.
[17:28] thisisntvergil: if you'd like I can bring her back home tonight.
[17:28] thisisntvergil: Or I'll deposit her in the morning.
[17:28] Song for Grace: You damn well make sure she comes back with all the news about this killer.
[17:28] thisisntvergil: ...
[17:28] thisisntvergil: killer?
[17:28] Song for Grace: Serial killer.
[17:29] thisisntvergil: ....
[17:29] Song for Grace: Targeting girls.
[17:29] thisisntvergil: Hotaru was walking around at night.
[17:29] Song for Grace: Demon to top it, a shapeshifter
[17:29] thisisntvergil: And there's a KILLER AROUND?
[17:29] thisisntvergil: Is she aware?
[17:29] Song for Grace: I dont think she's even aware
[17:29] Song for Grace: Not many people are, they just released more information on the matter
[17:30] thisisntvergil: Then she's most definitely staying here tonight...
[17:30] Song for Grace: You upset her and she looked for you. What were you expecting?
[17:30] thisisntvergil: I didn't imagine she'd-
[17:30] thisisntvergil: ugh.
[17:31] Song for Grace: Run out? What do you think I've been doing. I've been looking for her. And I told you she's stubborn
[17:31] thisisntvergil: It's infinitely harder to tell her no when she's standing next to me.
[17:32] Song for Grace: There you go. Told you it would explode in her face. And I bet she's clinging to you
[17:32] thisisntvergil: ....
[17:33] Song for Grace: Well. So much for cutting her out of your life to protect her
[17:33] Song for Grace: Congrats, you're still stuck as her prime father
[17:33] thisisntvergil: I suppose I'll have to manage.
[17:33] Song for Grace: Good to know she's got my persistence.
[17:34] thisisntvergil: Does it bother you?
[17:34] Song for Grace: No.
[17:34] Song for Grace: I did the same thing. Cling. It doesn't
[17:34] Song for Grace: As long as she's not wandering in the streets or weak, I don't mind
[17:35] thisisntvergil: I'll attempt to keep myself out of threat range to you if you'd like.
[17:35] Song for Grace: I would hope s
[17:35] thisisntvergil: So when won't you be home tomorrow?
[17:35] thisisntvergil: So we can avoid dispute.
[17:35] Song for Grace: Not until four. I'm working on this case.
[17:35] thisisntvergil: Alright.
[17:36] Song for Grace: She better not be in Calliope. That's all I have to say. That lunatic is there
[17:36] thisisntvergil: ....
[17:36] thisisntvergil: Is he really?
[17:36] Song for Grace: That's where he's frequenting
[17:36] thisisntvergil: Hn.
[17:37] Song for Grace: Tell me evening plans won't involve any more demonic summoning~?
[17:37] thisisntvergil: On my part?
[17:37] thisisntvergil: There hasn't been any demonic summoning in years.
[17:37] thisisntvergil: Get off it.
[17:37] thisisntvergil: Though, there might be some Monopoly.
[17:37] Song for Grace: Lighten up. Take some humor
[17:37] thisisntvergil: I'd have to find the box...
[17:37] Song for Grace: Christ, you need a girl
[17:38] thisisntvergil: dear god.
[17:38] thisisntvergil: ...
[17:38] thisisntvergil: are you being friendly all of a sudden?
[17:38] thisisntvergil: What's this?
[17:38] thisisntvergil: .....
[17:38] thisisntvergil: are you bipolar?
[17:38] Song for Grace: Relief.
[17:39] thisisntvergil: Well, warn me once it starts turning into deep seeded hatred again, alright?
[17:39] thisisntvergil: I hate being surprised.
[17:39] Song for Grace: Whatever.
[17:39] thisisntvergil: ....and I really don't know where I put the game box.
[17:39] thisisntvergil: I'm almost afraid to look.
[17:40] Song for Grace: I'm going to leave, I have to patrol in Calliope.
[17:40] thisisntvergil: ....
[17:40] Song for Grace: What?
[17:40] thisisntvergil: Nothing.
[17:40] Song for Grace: And I'm bipolar. Right.
[17:40] thisisntvergil: If Hotaru waves to you from a window, don't be surprised.
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