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Who: Anastasia & Kurando
Warnings: None.

[22:32] Ana in Blue: Kurando?
[22:32] demonmorpher: Princess!
[22:32] demonmorpher: Are things alright?
[22:32] demonmorpher: Do you need me to come over?
[22:32] demonmorpher: Should I bring my sword?
[22:32] Ana in Blue: :D;; Ahhh! No, n
[22:33] Ana in Blue: Not yet?
[22:33] Ana in Blue: I THINK I can get free?
[22:33] demonmorpher: I'LL COME AND GET YOU!
[22:33] Ana in Blue: O_o;;
[22:33] Ana in Blue: OKAY.
[22:34] Ana in Blue: No, but seriously
[22:34] demonmorpher: Sorry.
[22:34] Ana in Blue: <3
[22:34] demonmorpher: I don't like you being there
[22:34] demonmorpher: Not at all.
[22:34] demonmorpher: You and your brother can stay with me if you want
[22:34] demonmorpher: it's small but you could have the bed
[22:34] demonmorpher: I'll sleep on the floor
[22:34] demonmorpher: or out in the hall
[22:34] Ana in Blue: ...WHAT. You don't have to do that
[22:34] Ana in Blue: I think I have an idea, though~
[22:36] Ana in Blue: Bare with me!
[22:36] Ana in Blue: You can still fusion ...or whatever Yuri called it?
[22:37] demonmorpher: Oh, morph?
[22:37] demonmorpher: Yes?
[22:37] Ana in Blue: Good!
[22:37] Ana in Blue: He's an idiot, this man
[22:37] Ana in Blue: He seeks nothing but power
[22:38] demonmorpher: Uh.
[22:38] demonmorpher: You want me to give mine to him?
[22:38] Ana in Blue: No, NO
[22:38] demonmorpher: Oh good.
[22:38] Ana in Blue: I need to distract him
[22:38] demonmorpher: I was scared for a second.
[22:38] Ana in Blue: No more bargaining, I already got someone upset with me over it and I still need to get my sisters
[22:38] demonmorpher: Do you want me to go get your sisters?
[22:39] demonmorpher: Wait, I don't want to go to Russia...
[22:39] demonmorpher: But I will if you need me to.
[22:39] demonmorpher: Even though you won't be there.
[22:39] demonmorpher: And I'll worry.
[22:39] Ana in Blue: You don't have to if you don't want to
[22:39] Ana in Blue: No, I need to go there, too, I need to convince them. The last time iddn't go over so well
[22:39] demonmorpher: Oh, so we'd be going together?
[22:40] Ana in Blue: Yes!
[22:40] Ana in Blue: Underthe streets or something. But then we need to know where they are firstly
[22:47] Ana in Blue: I think we will be able to get out. I'll feel better
[22:49] demonmorpher: Do you want me to come over again?
[22:50] Ana in Blue: Of course ^^; if I'm not bothering you
[23:00] demonmorpher: You're never bothering me
[23:00] demonmorpher: ever ever ever.
[23:00] Ana in Blue: I love you.
[23:01] demonmorpher: Not over the computer
[23:01] Ana in Blue: OKAY. I'll say it in person
[23:01] demonmorpher: Because I'll be packing and forget things and then forget where I'm even going.
[23:01] Ana in Blue: Ahehehe
[23:01] demonmorpher: And I don't want to get lost in the city
[23:01] demonmorpher: It's big.
[23:02] demonmorpher: And it's cold.
[23:02] demonmorpher: And I can't find my sneakers.
[23:02] demonmorpher: So all I have are my Geta.
[23:02] Ana in Blue: ):
[23:21] demonmorpher: You're asking Vergil-sempai for help?
[23:21] Ana in Blue: o_O Sempai?
[23:21] Ana in Blue: WELL, he IS Hotaru's father
[23:21] demonmorpher: Sempai, it means....well....someone of a higher rank.
[23:21] demonmorpher: he's much better than me with the sword.
[23:22] Ana in Blue: ...Aw, but you're too good
[23:22] demonmorpher: but he's AMAZING.
[23:22] demonmorpher: very, very fast.
[23:22] Ana in Blue: O_o
[23:22] Ana in Blue: But you;re fast!
[23:22] demonmorpher: he's FASTER
[23:22] demonmorpher: by many times
[23:22] Ana in Blue: A-ahh..?
[23:24] demonmorpher: it looks like we're leaving
[23:24] demonmorpher: we'll be there soon Ana, okay?
[23:25] Ana in Blue: ...Oh, wow
[23:25] Ana in Blue: ): OKAY. You all got Alexei wound up
[23:25] demonmorpher: in a good way or a bad way?
[23:25] Ana in Blue: He's excited! But then it'll take him a while to get to sleep
[23:26] demonmorpher: well, it's good for him to have energy
[23:26] demonmorpher: just in case we need to move fast.
[23:27] Ana in Blue: I'm carrying him. There's only so much he can do
[23:28] demonmorpher: See you shortly, Ana.
[23:28] demonmorpher: Stay safe, okay?
[23:28] Ana in Blue: I will

Who: Anastasia & Vergil. VERGIL
Warnings: None.

[22:35] Ana in Blue: HAY HOTARU'S DAD
[22:35] thisisntvergil: Ah, Anastasia
[22:35] Ana in Blue: :D; Hello~
[22:35] thisisntvergil: Are you well?
[22:36] thisisntvergil: I've heard you've been experiencing some difficulty as of late.
[22:36] Ana in Blue: Ahhh, nothing I can't handle
[22:36] thisisntvergil: That's good to know.
[22:37] Ana in Blue: :D; I'm sure yooou could
[22:37] thisisntvergil: Could?
[22:38] Ana in Blue: Why, yes! Your'e strong, right?
[22:38] thisisntvergil: So I've been told.
[22:39] Ana in Blue: WELL, DUH, you twins are...awesome. Or something. Hotaru says so, she's my BFF, I trust her
[22:39] thisisntvergil: Hn.
[22:39] thisisntvergil: What is it you needed?
[22:40] Ana in Blue: I need a distraction to get someone off my back
[22:40] thisisntvergil: Ah.
[22:41] thisisntvergil: A distraction, as in....death?
[22:41] Ana in Blue: I don't know if you could
[22:41] Ana in Blue: But I really don't need a certain someone to go after him
[22:41] thisisntvergil: Really?
[22:41] thisisntvergil: Who might this opponent be?
[22:41] thisisntvergil: That they would give you such little faith in me is amusing.
[22:42] Ana in Blue: ...Uhhh. Well, apparently he's got some sort of magic that's been corrupted by demons? I don't know, but he DOES have my water magic
[22:42] Ana in Blue: >>; And OMG, I barely know you, Hotaru's dad
[22:43] thisisntvergil: You know, you ARE allowed to call me Vergil.
[22:43] thisisntvergil: Or Mr. Sparda, if you'd prefer.
[22:43] Ana in Blue: ...PFFT
[22:43] Ana in Blue: I like Hotaru's dad
[22:43] thisisntvergil: I don't particularly mind it either
[22:43] Ana in Blue: Because Hotaru. NEVER. Shuts. UP. About her parents
[22:43] thisisntvergil: I just wanted to make sure you were aware that you were given an option.
[22:43] Ana in Blue: ~~ Oh, I know
[22:44] thisisntvergil: So, this person.
[22:44] thisisntvergil: You want your magic returned?
[22:44] Ana in Blue: Of course
[22:44] thisisntvergil: Where is he located?
[22:44] Ana in Blue: I can't break the contract/bond I'm under without my magic
[22:44] Ana in Blue: Calliope
[22:44] thisisntvergil: Ah. Convenient.
[22:44] Ana in Blue: O_o
[22:44] thisisntvergil: I reside in Calliope presently.
[22:45] thisisntvergil: Now.
[22:45] thisisntvergil: Tell me more about the situation.
[22:45] thisisntvergil: I've heard you've made a deal.
[22:47] Ana in Blue: I did make a deal. I convinced someone from around here to help me get Alexei out, and my sisters. But my sisters refused to leave my parents, and Alexei came with me, naturally. So a man offered me protection, to enhance my magic. But the only thing was, he said I could not leave Calliope, he gave me a braclet and it is on me and won't let me leave until that bond is severed. I only did this to hide from Rasputin
[22:47] thisisntvergil: Ah.
[22:47] thisisntvergil: And what have we learned from this?
[22:48] Ana in Blue: >_< Oh, god, please to be not lecturing me, too. I KNOW.
[22:48] thisisntvergil: Next time, come to Hotaru's dad FIRST.
[22:49] thisisntvergil: So, if it's possible, would you like this man dead?
[22:49] Ana in Blue: ...I just want to get out of this position before Rasputin takes Alexei
[22:49] Ana in Blue: He's not under any contract, he had no magic
[22:49] thisisntvergil: Hm.
[22:50] Ana in Blue: You and Lady should take him
[22:50] thisisntvergil: Lady has enough on her own to worry about
[22:50] thisisntvergil: something about a shapeshifter.
[22:50] Ana in Blue: Lady is the one who brought Alexei here
[22:51] thisisntvergil: What kind of bond is it exactly that he has with you right now?
[22:51] Ana in Blue: It's only magic
[22:51] thisisntvergil: what does it do exactly?
[22:51] Ana in Blue: If there's a way to forcefully take the magic we offered, then it's broken
[22:51] thisisntvergil: as far as your knowledge.
[22:52] Ana in Blue: Severe injury?
[22:52] Ana in Blue: ._.;
[22:52] thisisntvergil: I'm talking about, what effect is it having on you?
[22:52] Ana in Blue: Nothing. I can't physically leave without being harmed, I tried
[22:52] thisisntvergil: Ah.
[22:53] thisisntvergil: I think I'll come and visit then.
[22:53] thisisntvergil: I have something that may temporarily remedy that.
[22:53] Ana in Blue: ...Orly
[22:53] thisisntvergil: ysrly.
[22:53] Ana in Blue: nowai :O!
[22:53] thisisntvergil: ahem.
[22:54] thisisntvergil: it MAY not work
[22:54] thisisntvergil: but it's worth a try
[22:54] Ana in Blue: Explain what you have in mind
[22:54] thisisntvergil: I have a certain item
[22:54] thisisntvergil: if I allow you to borrow it, it may prevent negative effects of the bond from harming you
[22:55] thisisntvergil: there are few magics that can pass beyond it
[22:55] thisisntvergil: but, I'm uncertain if it will work for someone other than myself or dante.
[22:55] Ana in Blue: ...Uhh.
[22:55] thisisntvergil: In other words
[22:55] thisisntvergil: all you would have to do is put on a very beautiful medallion
[22:56] thisisntvergil: and hopefully simply walk out.
[22:56] thisisntvergil: but
[22:56] thisisntvergil: if I let you borrow it, and any harm comes to it.
[22:56] thisisntvergil: I'll be forced to turn you into pudding.
[22:57] Ana in Blue: Why, I had no idea men were fond of pretty jewels
[22:57] thisisntvergil: It was a gift.
[22:57] Ana in Blue: In ALL seriousness, you both need to take my brother
[22:57] thisisntvergil: Wouldn't you rather simply walk out with him?
[22:58] thisisntvergil: Lady once spoke to me about taking your brother
[22:58] Ana in Blue: I don't think it's tht simple.
[22:58] thisisntvergil: I informed her that I wouldn't be taking him without you.
[22:58] thisisntvergil: I've just been waiting for you to express the desire for help yourself.
[22:59] thisisntvergil: Now.
[22:59] thisisntvergil: The only thing I would suggest is that you find a place to stay for once you're free.
[22:59] thisisntvergil: You're welcome to stay with me, if you'd like, but if there's another area you'd rather secure yourself in, that's fine.
[23:00] Ana in Blue: Right, right. I know. But I want my brother to be safe
[23:00] Ana in Blue: It'd be too perfect for Rasputin to have us both
[23:00] thisisntvergil: Rasputin....gangly wizard type?
[23:01] Ana in Blue: Undead evil monk that's influenced the revolution in my country, corrupted my mother, already kidnapped my brother, and owns a secret society that nearly took over the WORLD
[23:02] thisisntvergil: Ah.
[23:02] Ana in Blue: OH, and, has a soul pact with a demon god
[23:02] Ana in Blue: Forgot that
[23:02] thisisntvergil: Hn.
[23:03] Ana in Blue: Whaat?
[23:03] thisisntvergil: Maybe I should kill him first.
[23:03] thisisntvergil: People like that are utterly annoying.
[23:03] thisisntvergil: If he's truly a pest, he'll be dealt with.
[23:03] thisisntvergil: So, My Dear Princess, would you like to go for a walk?
[23:03] Ana in Blue: ...KILL RASPUTIN?
[23:03] Ana in Blue: Uhh, sure?
[23:04] thisisntvergil: Humans who enter pacts with demons are fractured.
[23:04] Ana in Blue: ...What?
[23:04] Ana in Blue: Fractured? What does that mean?
[23:04] thisisntvergil: Most human bodies can't withstand the true powers of a demon.
[23:05] thisisntvergil: It's a weakness.
[23:05] thisisntvergil: There was a man called Arkham once, who thought to enter binding with a power that was far greater than he was capable of controlling.
[23:05] thisisntvergil: He turned into...well....a giant squid almost.
[23:06] thisisntvergil: It was rather disgusting.
[23:06] Ana in Blue: ...Arkham. That-- o.o That was Kalina Ann's HUSBAND?!
[23:06] thisisntvergil: Not that I've actually told you.
[23:06] thisisntvergil: Because if any of that seeps out?
[23:06] thisisntvergil: Pudding.
[23:06] Ana in Blue: ..............D:
[23:07] thisisntvergil: Hotaru isn't aware, as far as I know.
[23:07] Ana in Blue: That explains some things with Lady...
[23:07] thisisntvergil: I'd like to keep it that way for now.
[23:07] thisisntvergil: You have NO idea.
[23:07] Ana in Blue: Oh...kay?
[23:07] thisisntvergil: At any rate.
[23:07] Ana in Blue: ._. omg, but, that's mindboggling
[23:07] Ana in Blue: A SQUID
[23:07] thisisntvergil: Get your brother dressed for a walk.
[23:07] thisisntvergil: It's rather cold outside.
[23:07] thisisntvergil: If you have anything you simply can't live without, pack it
[23:07] Ana in Blue:'re coming for him, tell me you both are?
[23:07] thisisntvergil: but pack light.
[23:07] thisisntvergil: I'm coming for both of you.
[23:08] thisisntvergil: As I said, I'm not leaving you and simply taking him.
[23:08] thisisntvergil: If you'd like I'll inform Lady.
[23:08] thisisntvergil: If she wishes to join me, she's more than welcome.
[23:08] Ana in Blue: Fine. But if Rasputin comes here, Alexei is to be taken separately
[23:08] Ana in Blue: Lady may be overbearing, but she's got a good head on her shoulders
[23:08] thisisntvergil: Is there anyone else you could think to contact?
[23:09] thisisntvergil: You're friends with the young samurai, yes?
[23:09] Ana in Blue: Roger Bacon >>
[23:09] Ana in Blue: ACTUALLY, he's my fiancee -- waiit how do you know Kuranod?
[23:09] thisisntvergil: Aren't you a little YOUNG?
[23:09] thisisntvergil: and he and I spar from time to time.
[23:09] Ana in Blue: >.>
[23:09] Ana in Blue: WHAT
[23:09] thisisntvergil: we have similiar swordplay styles.
[23:10] Ana in Blue: OMG D: DON'T HURT HIM
[23:10] thisisntvergil: ...we don't use actual swords.
[23:10] thisisntvergil: Kendo.
[23:10] thisisntvergil: Actually, it's his set of Kendo.
[23:10] Ana in Blue: SHUSH, I can worry over here
[23:10] thisisntvergil: I'd like to know where he's gotten it.
[23:11] Ana in Blue: Ah, I suppose his master
[23:11] thisisntvergil: Ah, I was under the impression that his master had died.
[23:11] Ana in Blue: Did he?
[23:11] thisisntvergil: I'm not quite certain.
[23:11] thisisntvergil: At any rate.
[23:12] thisisntvergil: I'll ask Lady.
[23:12] Ana in Blue: I think hse wants to kill me, but that's okay
[23:12] thisisntvergil: You're quite low on that list, I'm sure.
[23:12] Ana in Blue: She used to be my roommate
[23:13] thisisntvergil: ......
[23:13] thisisntvergil: I do believe she informed me of that once
[23:13] thisisntvergil: but I never quite got over it.
[23:13] Ana in Blue: WHY?
[23:13] thisisntvergil: I have nothing but pity for you.
[23:14] thisisntvergil: What a trial that must have been.
[23:14] thisisntvergil: this.....person of yours.
[23:14] thisisntvergil: Is he a clown?
[23:14] Ana in Blue: O_o No
[23:14] Ana in Blue: But
[23:14] Ana in Blue: He is a shapeshifter, Vergil. Just thought you should know
[23:14] thisisntvergil: ...
[23:15] thisisntvergil: I do believe I might just be able to convince her to go?
[23:16] Ana in Blue: Well, that's not surprising for the Ice Princess
[23:16] thisisntvergil: So, it seems we're accumulating a small army then.
[23:17] Ana in Blue: I have spare crest magic. On Alexei, that is
[23:17] thisisntvergil: Crest magic?
[23:17] Ana in Blue: Yes!
[23:17] Ana in Blue: Like what I have
[23:17] Ana in Blue: MY element is water
[23:17] thisisntvergil: Ah.
[23:17] thisisntvergil: My element is confused.
[23:17] Ana in Blue: Hotaru's would so be dark. Zelos would
[23:17] Ana in Blue: >_> I'd bet you be dark, you and your twin
[23:18] thisisntvergil: Tell that to my mother.
[23:18] Ana in Blue: ...Uhh...what does that mean D:?
[23:18] thisisntvergil: she was one of the purest people in existence.
[23:19] Ana in Blue: I'm just saying~
[23:19] Ana in Blue: Being a dark element doesn't make you BAD
[23:19] thisisntvergil: A shame.
[23:19] thisisntvergil: I'm quite bad.
[23:19] Ana in Blue: I knew a dark element, absolutely ditzy but a good woman
[23:19] thisisntvergil: Are you getting ready yet?
[23:19] Ana in Blue: I'm set, I have to get my brother
[23:19] Ana in Blue: Be careful with him, he's very frail
[23:19] thisisntvergil: if he has a stuffed animal, I'd suggest bringing it
[23:20] thisisntvergil: if he's staying at my apartment tonight, just in case, I'm sure he'd enjoy something familiar and cuddleable.
[23:20] Ana in Blue: He sleeps with me, he should be okay
[23:21] Ana in Blue: He's been like that since our mother is still in Russia
[23:25] thisisntvergil: Where are you located exactly?
[23:25] Ana in Blue: Calliope seventh district. The first apartment complex near that fancy fountain
[23:28] thisisntvergil: We're on our way.
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