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Who: Vergil and Lady
What: LULZ. Random bickering
Warnings: Default

[22:30] thisisntvergil: It's so quiet.
[22:30] Song for Grace: Hm?
[22:30] thisisntvergil: Well, the kids are over at your mother's right now.
[22:31] thisisntvergil: So it's turned back into a bachelor pad.
[22:32] Song for Grace: Oh. Well.
[22:32] Song for Grace: I'm sure Anastasia and Alexei are THRILLED to be out in general.
[22:32] thisisntvergil: I'm certain they are.
[22:32] Song for Grace: Hotaru's...stuck herself on them, so I'm not complaining
[22:32] thisisntvergil: It's good that she's being social.
[22:33] thisisntvergil: How are you holding up?
[22:34] Song for Grace: I'm fine on my own, had nice jobs, Christmas will be better this year
[22:34] thisisntvergil: Wow.
[22:34] thisisntvergil: I completely forgot about Christmas.
[22:34] Song for Grace: Oh, god
[22:34] Song for Grace: Hotaru's modest, but she could use clothing
[22:34] thisisntvergil: Well, I haven't celebrated in...years.
[22:34] Song for Grace: And wants a doll house
[22:34] Song for Grace: Well, daddy dearest, you might have to
[22:35] Song for Grace: And the kids might be stuck there this year
[22:35] Song for Grace: All four of them
[22:35] thisisntvergil: ....
[22:35] thisisntvergil: I should get a Christmas tree.
[22:35] Song for Grace: Yes. Yes, you should
[22:35] thisisntvergil: All those bloody needles.
[22:35] Song for Grace: Get a fake one
[22:35] thisisntvergil: They're FAKE.
[22:35] thisisntvergil: What's the point?
[22:35] thisisntvergil: Real Christmas trees smell nice.
[22:35] Song for Grace: Oh, I don't know, you have a horde over there
[22:35] Song for Grace: You HAVE to get one
[22:35] thisisntvergil: I HAVE to now?
[22:36] Song for Grace: Make it easier on Alexei, he's a clinger
[22:36] thisisntvergil: I've noticed.
[22:36] Song for Grace: Yes. You have to
[22:36] thisisntvergil: Is this a mom order?
[22:36] Song for Grace: Yes, it is
[22:36] thisisntvergil: Fine.
[22:36] thisisntvergil: How the hell am I supposed to get it back to the apartment though?
[22:36] Song for Grace: ...Get a fake one
[22:36] thisisntvergil: I've never teleported anything that big.
[22:36] thisisntvergil: They smell like plastic.
[22:36] Song for Grace: ..Tele- what
[22:36] thisisntvergil: teleported
[22:37] Song for Grace: ...
[22:37] thisisntvergil: remember?
[22:37] thisisntvergil: that thing I did to get into your apartment that one night.
[22:37] Song for Grace: Nevermind. That'll give me a headache
[22:37] thisisntvergil: and I crashed.
[22:37] thisisntvergil: and it hurt.
[22:37] Song for Grace: A fake one would be EASIER
[22:37] thisisntvergil: A fake one would be FAKE.
[22:37] Song for Grace: So?
[22:37] thisisntvergil: I've never had a christmas with a fake tree.
[22:37] Song for Grace: You just can't put things together
[22:38] Song for Grace: I think we always had a fake one, no thanks to a big one falling on father one year
[22:38] thisisntvergil: ....
[22:38] thisisntvergil: no pictures of that, are there.
[22:38] thisisntvergil: Well, what do YOU want for christmas?
[22:38] Song for Grace: Absolutely nothing
[22:38] thisisntvergil: And don't say world peace.
[22:39] thisisntvergil: Fine, an empty box it is.
[22:39] Song for Grace: December is a boring month, Christmas and my brithday
[22:39] thisisntvergil: Your birthday?
[22:39] Song for Grace: Hahaha. Peace. What kind of demon hunter asks for that
[22:39] Song for Grace: Yes. It's the 8th, the feast of the Immaculate Conception
[22:39] thisisntvergil: Really?
[22:40] thisisntvergil: Maybe I'll get you a smaller box of nothing for that then.
[22:40] Song for Grace: ...Cute
[22:40] thisisntvergil: I'll wrap it up nice and pretty.
[22:40] Song for Grace: Don't make me slap you
[22:40] thisisntvergil: Don't abuse your computer, please.
[22:40] thisisntvergil: They're finicky enough as is.
[22:40] Song for Grace: I'll be fine with just taking Hotaru out with mother that day
[22:40] thisisntvergil: Then I'll be sure to leave the box outside of your apartment
[22:40] Song for Grace: ...
[22:41] Song for Grace: I'm turning 19, it doesn't matter at this rate
[22:41] thisisntvergil: ....
[22:41] thisisntvergil: you're only 19?
[22:41] Song for Grace: I'll be nineteen in four days, Vergil
[22:41] thisisntvergil: wow.
[22:41] Song for Grace: What?
[22:41] thisisntvergil: for some reason I'd imagined you were older than that.
[22:42] thisisntvergil: possibly because half the time you act like you're 40
[22:42] Song for Grace: ...How the fuck so?
[22:42] thisisntvergil: I'm not being mean, I promise.
[22:42] Song for Grace: Right.
[22:42] thisisntvergil: Okay, maybe not 40
[22:42] thisisntvergil: but certainly not 18
[22:42] thisisntvergil: at least in your 20s
[22:42] Song for Grace: I had to grow up faster than a normal kid, if you really think that
[22:43] thisisntvergil: no stranger to that
[22:43] Song for Grace: I don't think I live the normal life of a woman my age, anyway
[22:43] Song for Grace: And maybe I feel like I'm fourty, because I'm fed up with everything at this rate
[22:44] Song for Grace: But that's okay, it should be better now
[22:44] thisisntvergil: I can at least hope so
[22:44] thisisntvergil: I'd honestly hate for you to go boy crazy and talk about nothing but shopping
[22:44] thisisntvergil: I might have to put you down.
[22:44] thisisntvergil: Or get earplugs.
[22:44] Song for Grace: Oh, god, I'll kill myself
[22:45] Song for Grace: Being boy crazy is cute, but that's not for me anymore
[22:45] thisisntvergil: anymore?
[22:45] thisisntvergil: really?
[22:45] thisisntvergil: did you have a boy crazy phase?
[22:45] Song for Grace: First loves make you really stupid and all
[22:46] thisisntvergil: first loves? or first ACTUAL loves?
[22:46] Song for Grace: I was never boy crazy to begin with
[22:46] thisisntvergil: me either.
[22:46] thisisntvergil: :)
[22:46] Song for Grace: ...
[22:46] thisisntvergil: hoping to make you feel a little more average with that
[22:47] Song for Grace: Tch. As much as a good feeling as being dopey in love with someone, it's not for me anymore
[22:47] thisisntvergil: I would say "not right now"
[22:47] thisisntvergil: I wouldn't mind having a dopey love problem at some point again in the future.
[22:47] Song for Grace: No. I'm done with it.
[22:48] Song for Grace: You do that, it'd be cute with you
[22:48] thisisntvergil: how so?
[22:48] thisisntvergil: and it wouldn't with you?
[22:48] thisisntvergil: that seems a little unfair.
[22:48] Song for Grace: It always seems to end in disaster with me. No thanks
[22:48] thisisntvergil: well, you're 18
[22:48] thisisntvergil: teenage romance never ends well
[22:48] Song for Grace: Pft
[22:48] thisisntvergil: it's true
[22:49] thisisntvergil: look at Romeo and Juliet.
[22:49] thisisntvergil: or...whatever popular teen idols are dating these days
[22:49] Song for Grace: I like to think they actually LOVED each other
[22:49] thisisntvergil: they did
[22:49] thisisntvergil: but it didn't end well, did it
[22:49] Song for Grace: But they were finally together in death in the end
[22:49] thisisntvergil: hn
[22:50] thisisntvergil: doesn't sound like fun
[22:50] Song for Grace: What? Love?
[22:50] thisisntvergil: dying
[22:50] thisisntvergil: and hanging out as a spirit
[22:50] thisisntvergil: Love is...
[22:50] Song for Grace: Aha, no, dying isn't very fun
[22:50] thisisntvergil: love's great generally.
[22:50] thisisntvergil: except when it's not
[22:50] Song for Grace: Of course it is. It's one of the best feelings
[22:51] thisisntvergil: and almost dying is worth than actually dying, I would think.
[22:51] thisisntvergil: because not only do you ALMOST die, but at some point later you have to face the possibility of almost dying again, and actually dying.
[22:51] Song for Grace: It doesnt bother me. I nearly bled to death before, it doesn't hold me back.
[22:51] thisisntvergil: Being stuck in hell?
[22:51] thisisntvergil: not fun.
[22:51] Song for Grace: I bet
[22:52] thisisntvergil: though, it wasn't technically hell.
[22:52] thisisntvergil: I think that was a few floors down.
[22:52] Song for Grace: You have to go through purgatory before Hell, they say
[22:52] thisisntvergil: ugh, purgatory.
[22:52] Song for Grace: Nine layers of Hell. Purgatory comes first
[22:52] Song for Grace: The Divine Comedy
[22:52] thisisntvergil: indeeeed.
[22:53] Song for Grace: Be glad you're in this realm
[22:53] thisisntvergil: I'm quite glad
[22:53] Song for Grace: Wel, there you go
[22:53] Song for Grace: ANd getting a Christmas tree for four kids
[22:53] Song for Grace: Who surely do miss home
[22:53] thisisntvergil: and a box of nothing for you.
[22:54] Song for Grace: I rather be with my family for Christmas
[22:54] thisisntvergil: you might be surprised with a box of SOMETHING though, wouldn't that be special?
[22:54] thisisntvergil: Ah, do I not count as family?
[22:54] Song for Grace: ...I'm happy with just Hotaru and mother
[22:54] thisisntvergil: Mrs. Sparda.
[22:54] Song for Grace: ...
[22:54] Song for Grace: You're only coming because Hotaru would want you to
[22:54] thisisntvergil: she can spend christmas with me later
[22:54] thisisntvergil: when she's done at your mother's house
[22:55] thisisntvergil: I don't need to be there if you want to spend the holiday without.
[22:55] Song for Grace: I think she's coming down here, Vergil. Mother, that is
[22:55] thisisntvergil: oh.
[22:55] Song for Grace: For the kids, anyway
[22:55] thisisntvergil: We could hold Christmas here
[22:55] Song for Grace: Yes, exactly
[22:55] thisisntvergil: then a real tree it is.
[22:55] Song for Grace: Congratulations, your apartment is the fortress of solitude
[22:55] thisisntvergil: ...
[22:55] thisisntvergil: Like...Superman?
[22:55] Song for Grace: Who the hell else?
[22:56] Song for Grace: Unless you rather have Batman
[22:56] thisisntvergil: only if I can have a butler with a shotgun.
[22:56] thisisntvergil: Ahem.
[22:56] Song for Grace: Don't put it past Walter
[22:56] Song for Grace: But yes, the horde is gone, mother is finding something for Ana
[22:56] Song for Grace: I'm expecting to be hauled off to get three other kids from Petrograd in the near and distant future
[22:57] thisisntvergil: it's rather cute watching Kurando dote on her.
[22:57] Song for Grace: ...Ahaha, they're so awkward, it's too cute
[22:57] Song for Grace: I remember when I was like Anastasia
[22:57] thisisntvergil: I think it would have been nice to see.
[22:57] Song for Grace: Pure innocence, those two
[22:57] Song for Grace: ....What
[22:57] thisisntvergil: just how you were back then.
[22:57] Song for Grace: ...Why?
[22:57] thisisntvergil: perspective maybe?
[22:57] thisisntvergil: I don't know
[22:58] Song for Grace: ...
[22:58] Song for Grace: Oh, nice. Yes, me. A clueless oaf. Right.
[22:58] thisisntvergil: What about Dante?
[22:58] Song for Grace: What about him?
[22:58] thisisntvergil: you mentioned a clueless oaf.
[22:58] Song for Grace: ...He's too corny for his own good
[22:58] Song for Grace: And he is clueless
[22:58] thisisntvergil: and it's sad
[22:59] thisisntvergil: he was so cute when he was little.
[22:59] Song for Grace: ...I'm sure he was, he has his moments even now
[22:59] thisisntvergil: I'd hope so.
[22:59] thisisntvergil: I wonder if he'd come to Christmas.
[22:59] Song for Grace: Pity he's too busy with work. I would like to see him
[22:59] Song for Grace: Who knows with him
[22:59] thisisntvergil: I'll extend the invitation.
[23:00] Song for Grace: ...Mn.
[23:00] thisisntvergil: Maybe I'll leave him something under the tree, but I won't hold my breath.
[23:00] Song for Grace: He's an idiot
[23:00] Song for Grace: Whatever.
[23:00] thisisntvergil: ...what was that reaction for?
[23:01] Song for Grace: Nothing. I fret over him, too
[23:01] thisisntvergil: Well, I suppose that's what family does.
[23:01] Song for Grace: "Don't worry about me, Lady, I'm a big boy, I can handle myself"
[23:01] Song for Grace: It's a little hard not to
[23:01] thisisntvergil: I agree.
[23:01] Song for Grace: Like it or not, I try to look out for him
[23:01] thisisntvergil: I know.
[23:01] Song for Grace: I trust him more than anyone
[23:01] thisisntvergil: Again, I know.
[23:02] thisisntvergil: I would hope you'd trust your mother more than him though.
[23:02] Song for Grace: No one surprasses mother
[23:02] thisisntvergil: Much more acceptable.
[23:02] thisisntvergil: ....what should I make for dinner?
[23:03] thisisntvergil: for Christmas I mean.
[23:03] Song for Grace: We always had ham
[23:03] thisisntvergil: or lunch, or breakfast, whatever meal we'll be eating.
[23:03] Song for Grace: And don't ever forget the pickle for the tree
[23:03] thisisntvergil: ....
[23:03] thisisntvergil: a pickle?
[23:03] Song for Grace: A pickle
[23:03] thisisntvergil: an actual pickle?
[23:03] Song for Grace: It's German tradition
[23:03] thisisntvergil: ...
[23:03] thisisntvergil: wow.
[23:03] Song for Grace: Yes. You take a pickle and hide it in the tree, so the kids can look for it. Whoever finds it first opens a present
[23:03] thisisntvergil: I've heard of putting oranges in stockings, but not a pickle on the christmas tree.
[23:04] thisisntvergil: dill or bread and butter?
[23:04] Song for Grace: Well, that's us Germans for you
[23:04] Song for Grace: Bread and butter
[23:04] thisisntvergil: ew.
[23:04] thisisntvergil: Not only is it a pickle.
[23:04] thisisntvergil: but it's one I don't like.
[23:04] thisisntvergil: Fine, we'll do a half German/half Vergil tradition.
[23:04] thisisntvergil: The pickle will be DILL.
[23:04] Song for Grace: Well, techinically, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th
[23:05] thisisntvergil: because in order to have the pickle, I'd have to buy a JAR of them.
[23:05] thisisntvergil: And I'm not going to eat a jar of bread and butter pickles.
[23:05] Song for Grace: Calm down, I have a jar
[23:05] thisisntvergil: I'm using a dill.
[23:05] Song for Grace: No, that doesn't work
[23:05] thisisntvergil: DILL.
[23:05] Song for Grace: Don't change it. I've been doing this since I was little
[23:05] thisisntvergil: you wanted me to have the fake christmas tree.
[23:06] Song for Grace: ...Okay, whatever
[23:06] Song for Grace: If you want a dead tree, by all means
[23:06] thisisntvergil: I'll haul it out once it's fully dead.
[23:06] thisisntvergil: fine, we'll do TWO pickles.
[23:06] thisisntvergil: one dill, one disgusting.
[23:06] Song for Grace: No. Vergil, it has to be ONE
[23:06] thisisntvergil: WHY?
[23:06] Song for Grace: Because that's how we do it
[23:06] Song for Grace: Just one pickle
[23:07] thisisntvergil: ugh.
[23:07] thisisntvergil: and it's going to SMELL.
[23:07] Song for Grace: It's not going to be in there all night
[23:07] thisisntvergil: I'm not dressing up like Santa.
[23:07] Song for Grace: It's done on Christmas Eve. QUICKLY
[23:07] Song for Grace: Oh, god, no one said you had to
[23:07] thisisntvergil: thank you.
[23:07] Song for Grace: All the kids are smarter than that
[23:07] thisisntvergil: I'm still leaving cookies out though.
[23:08] Song for Grace: ...Alexei is going to grab those and eat those, you know that, right?
[23:08] thisisntvergil: not if I put them on the fireplace sill
[23:08] thisisntvergil: and not if I fill him full of cookies before that.
[23:08] Song for Grace: You're going ti have Anastasia spazzing out
[23:08] thisisntvergil: when is she not spazzing?
[23:08] Song for Grace: Frankly, she's been a nervous wreck, but okay
[23:08] thisisntvergil: which is understandable.
[23:09] thisisntvergil: but it's my night off
[23:09] thisisntvergil: I really don't want to talk about that.
[23:09] Song for Grace: Fine
[23:09] Song for Grace: Hotaru left her elephant over there, you know
[23:09] thisisntvergil: Yeah I saw him.
[23:09] thisisntvergil: He's protecting her bed right now.
[23:09] Song for Grace: Techinically, her. Sprinkles
[23:09] thisisntvergil: or cuddling with Angelo
[23:09] Song for Grace: But she loves that thing
[23:09] Song for Grace: She's going to be upset without it
[23:10] thisisntvergil: I pick out great presents.
[23:10] thisisntvergil: you'll love your nothing.
[23:10] Song for Grace: Well, she had it since she was a baby
[23:10] thisisntvergil: I know
[23:10] thisisntvergil: I remember who got it for her.
[23:10] Song for Grace: It's been in her crib ever since she came home
[23:10] thisisntvergil: I even remember the fellow that sold it to me.
[23:10] Song for Grace: Oh, Christ
[23:10] Song for Grace: Then you know what? I
[23:10] Song for Grace: *I'm coming over for it, possibly seeing if the kids left anything else
[23:11] thisisntvergil: right now?
[23:11] Song for Grace: Anastasia is flaking out, Alexei could have forgotten something
[23:11] Song for Grace: Yes. NOW
[23:11] Song for Grace: My daughter does not have her toy, I'm getting it
[23:11] thisisntvergil: fine, but I'm not changing.
[23:11] Song for Grace: ...
[23:11] Song for Grace: What are you wearing...
[23:11] thisisntvergil: .........
[23:11] thisisntvergil: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
[23:11] Song for Grace: As wonderful as that sounds
[23:11] Song for Grace: .......
[23:11] Song for Grace: DO YOU WANT ME TO BEAT YOU WHEN I SEE YOU?
[23:11] thisisntvergil: WELL, if you really want to know.
[23:12] thisisntvergil: I'll be sure to invite all of my orgy friends over.
[23:12] thisisntvergil: all none of them.
[23:12] Song for Grace: ugh
[23:12] Song for Grace: Then in THAT case I'm not changing, as if I wasn't running around scantly in the first place
[23:13] thisisntvergil: well then I'll just feel overdressed.
[23:13] Song for Grace: ...
[23:13] thisisntvergil: or underdressed rather
[23:13] Song for Grace: You damn well better not be half-naked
[23:13] thisisntvergil: half?
[23:13] thisisntvergil: I'd say it's about that, yeah.
[23:13] Song for Grace: ..
[23:13] Song for Grace: Ugh
[23:13] Song for Grace: Whatever.
[23:13] thisisntvergil: I'm comfortable, you'll live.
[23:13] Song for Grace: I tend not to put that sort of faith in you twins
[23:14] Song for Grace: Right, well. If it's on her bed, then fine. Checking for anything Alexei had left
[23:14] thisisntvergil: Dante would probably answer the door naked to avoid having to get dressed when he didn't want to.
[23:14] thisisntvergil: I'll scout around.
[23:14] Song for Grace: ...Dante is a manwhore, but whatever. Coming now
[23:15] thisisntvergil: FINALLY SOMEONE BELIEVES ME!
[23:15] thisisntvergil: alright.
[23:15] thisisntvergil: it's more of a laziness issue.
[23:15] Song for Grace: ...WE'LL BASH DANTE MORE LATER. COMING
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