Elena (alluring_deceit) wrote in arcadiantelecom,

Who: Celes and Elena
What: catching up, Elena sulking/mourning but trying to be brave about it
When: last Tuesday night; timestamped
Warnings: ...no?

Elenas Exodus 04 (11:20:33 PM): Bet you're wondering where I've been.
winters champion (11:20:27 PM): Rather.
winters champion (11:20:54 PM): So you'd best out with it, my dear. Before i explode with the anticipation.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:22:01 PM): My sheep's dead.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:22:55 PM): Someone broke into the backyard and stole her. I followed the trail, the tracks, the blood. She was a sacrifice to some heathen god. Sufficed to say I had to go wipe out an entire cult.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:23:15 PM): What kind of sicko steals a sheep?
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:23:42 PM): Steals a sheep just to kill it. I'm beyond pissed.
winters champion (11:24:27 PM): That's... That's utterly horrendous. i'm sorry dear.
winters champion (11:25:47 PM): Is there anything i can do?
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:26:28 PM): Not really. They're all dead.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:26:51 PM): Unless I missed one. Thought I was pretty thorough though.
winters champion (11:27:00 PM): How about i mix you a drink and pop in Halo?
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:27:40 PM): bleh. It's late. Not really in the mood.
winters champion (11:28:00 PM): Would you maybe like to go out shopping to-morrow?
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:29:28 PM): I dunno. Kind of want to lay around and sulk.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:29:41 PM): I know; I pretend to be happier than I really am.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:30:33 PM): Still don't know if I'm gonna tell Vergil or not. Haven't talked to him in two months. Can't really walk up to him and go "Hi, long time no see. My sheep's dead. How's your cat?"
winters champion (11:30:43 PM): Well, it's good you're conflicted about that, as i think there's something wrong with him.
winters champion (11:30:59 PM): Saw it on the network a little while ago.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:31:26 PM): Did anyone try removing the pole from his ass?
winters champion (11:31:38 PM): i don't know. much of the talk was flailing, nothing really of any use.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:32:45 PM): It's probably nothing major. Chocolate overload or something.
winters champion (11:33:05 PM): Maybe you should send him some chocolate, just to be on the safe side.
winters champion (11:33:10 PM): Or make him sick again.
winters champion (11:33:15 PM): One of the two.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:34:20 PM): As long as he doesn't...-_- Hell, who'm I kidding. I missed him. More than I missed my Xbox.
winters champion (11:34:41 PM): Then you ought go and visit.
winters champion (11:34:49 PM): i hear it's what friends do.
winters champion (11:35:00 PM): Not that i'd know much about that.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:35:47 PM): Then I'm a horrible friend. I've been back for a while, just been hiding. And working.
winters champion (11:35:58 PM): You're something of a workaholic, though i wouldn't call you a terrible friend.
winters champion (11:36:11 PM): You at least bother to drop a body a line from time to time.
winters champion (11:36:21 PM): Which is aces, i must say.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:37:16 PM): Workaholic? Do you really think I'm addicted to work?
winters champion (11:37:54 PM): You'd do paperwork while the load screen was going, dear.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:39:46 PM): ...Am I really that bad?
winters champion (11:39:55 PM): When you've got nothing to keep you distracted, you can be,
winters champion (11:40:04 PM): It's not an all the time thing, mind.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:42:52 PM): Great. I'll just add that to my list of things that make me suck as a person.
winters champion (11:43:02 PM): Elena, you don't suck as a person, you're simply attached to your work.
winters champion (11:43:15 PM): Trust me, if i still had a job, i'd be much the same.
winters champion (11:43:20 PM): ...
winters champion (11:43:31 PM): Well, a job that doesn't involve the opera.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:46:06 PM): Want to hear something strange?
winters champion (11:46:00 PM): Why not.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:47:07 PM): ...Nevermind. We should really throw Asellus a housewarming party.
winters champion (11:47:06 PM): No, tell me. What's this strange business.
winters champion (11:47:09 PM): ??*
winters champion (11:47:18 PM): And yes, we really ought.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:50:21 PM): It's nothing. I don't feel like baring my soul at the moment.
winters champion (11:50:47 PM): You might do well by doing so anyway. Get things a bit aired out, and the like.
winters champion (11:50:52 PM): It's good for you.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:51:19 PM): *snorts* Yeah, that's gonna make me wanna do it.
winters champion (11:51:46 PM): i'll share my strawberry filled croissants if you do?
winters champion (11:53:37 PM): That, and i'm curious and worried..
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:54:32 PM): Not helping.
winters champion (11:56:17 PM): Well, that's because i'm horrid at this.
winters champion (11:56:44 PM): Look, i was going to pop in Labyrinth, and make some hot chocolate. Would you care to join me?
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:57:20 PM): Not really. No offense.
winters champion (11:57:24 PM): Ah, too right.
winters champion (11:57:30 PM): None taken.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:57:54 PM): I think I'll just start up on Asellus housewarming party thing.
winters champion (11:58:02 PM): That ought be entertaining.
Elenas Exodus 04 (11:59:27 PM): Yes and I'm wondering where to hold it. Also who to invite. I can cook for it, maybe get Vergil to help and I have enough booze to set the entire city on fire, but I still need specifics.
winters champion (11:59:44 PM): Ostensibly, you ought hold it at her place, as it's a housewarming party for her, yes?
Elenas Exodus 04 (12:00:24 AM): That's true but if it's not big enough and the entire world shows up, then we have a party.
Elenas Exodus 04 (12:00:26 AM): *problem
Elenas Exodus 04 (12:00:35 AM): Shows you where my mind is~
winters champion (12:01:07 AM): Well, there's a couple ballrooms on campus that might do.
Elenas Exodus 04 (12:02:48 AM): That's definately something to think about.
winters champion (12:03:20 AM): Glad i was able to provide something of use.
winters champion (12:07:56 AM): There should be some information on the campus website. Room dimensions and all that.
Elenas Exodus 04 (12:11:14 AM): I'lll take a look at it.
winters champion (12:11:26 AM): Too right.
winters champion (12:13:11 AM): Well then, should you need anything, i'll be downstairs.
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